5 Pois auf dem Friedhof von Radeberg

So I have now submitted the 5 Pois again and was there again and took new photos and submitted them again on the same day and they were rejected again the reason for rejection was (Location Sensitive)

And I would like to know why

There is a mismatch of information in the criteria about locations like this graveyard.

On Niantic Wayfarer , you have that certain objects under certain circumstances can still.be eligible despite being on a graveyard:

This is more or.less also what older guidelines once said.

However, the tool tip for the first review question now has a general ineligibility of such locations:

This contradiction makes it hard for reviewers to make a good decision on those. The more restrictive one even discriminates cultures in which a graveyard is not a as much of a sensitive location as in others. There are graveyards that are more of an open park than a mourning site.


Okay but I thought that war memorials and sculptures that are located in a cemetery are allowed, I have 3 of them are war memorials and 1 sculpture that I know I am not allowed to submit private graves