A bit of history: Checkered Matrix

I submitted this via help chat as a >10m, but I’m sharing this here as well just because I think it is an interesting historical artifact (both locally and Niantic wise). I’m not expecting anything from this post.

Wayspot: Checkered Matrix
Current: 37.248541,-121.799047
Proposed: 37.249659,-121.794722


This move may be controversial and I’m fine if it does not happen (although in that case, the wayspot should probably be retired).

A bit of history: This is currently a campus owned by Western Digital (a maker of hard drives). Originally, this was part of a larger 1950s era IBM campus and is where hard drives were created (the nearby Ramac park is named after the first computer to use hard drives). The original IBM campus had this “tiled matrix” motif on a large number of its buildings. Early in the days of Ingress, a player took the initial photo and submitted the portal.

Over the last few years, Western Digital has been slowly tearing down the buildings and the one in the original photo is now gone.

A few years ago I moved the portal to its current location because, at the time, I thought that was the right location (because I did not know the original had been torn down).

Now, that building is gone (as can be seen from satellite view).

The other day I noticed the current image (near a related wayspot named “Checkered Matrix Wall”). So I took a photo of it, and it is now the current image of the wayspot.

So, at this point, this could legitimately be considered a repurposing of the original wayspot (twice now!). In which case, the original one should be retired. Or, kept, in this new location, as a reminder of all of those old IBM walls.

I’m fine with either action. But one or the other should probably happen.


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Oh, and this is related to the same area I was talking about in Neat stuff about Ramac Park.