A way to report unnecessary edits to the title or description

Is it possible to add a report button for the completely useless edits to titles or descriptions on wayfarer?
Like this one where they just changed a letter, from a lower case “d” to an upper case “D”

I don’t see any problem here, the person who submitted the edit just wanted to correct a grammatical mistake, why would you report this?


The review page puts the two edits in random order. The current title of this Wayspot has Di with capital D. My understanding of capitalization rules in Italian is that it should not be capitalized. The edit is correct, this is not abuse and doesn’t need to be reported. Just because the comparison feature shows something as being crossed out doesn’t mean that it is the thing being replaced.


I know, the fact is that a lot of this edits don’t follow the Italian capitalization rules, it happened near where I live, sometimes they edit the capital letter to a lowercase letter but sometimes is the total opposite and they request an edit to remove the lowercase and add the capital letter.
Or edits where you have to choose between “location-description of the POI” and “description of the POI-location”

To me they are completely useless edits that clog the wayfarer app

Better yet, machine learning could automate these type of edits.



Actually, grammar checking software is much older than ML (and cheaper). Un-capitalizing an article should just be an auto-accept. That would let manual reviewers concentrate on other things.