Wayfarer Pet Peeves

What are little things (that are not Wayfarer abuse etc.) that irk or annoy you on Wayfarer?

A few of mine as examples:

• Trailmarkers that are not numbered, being numbered in the title
• A UK specific one, but postboxes that either don’t say which monarch it is for, or say the wrong one, or don’t have a unique title (King George II postbox as an example)

I will probably think of some more, but interested to see what others have.

Of course, everyone loves long titles so I don’t think I’ll see that one mentioned. :eyes:

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ummmmmmmm title length?



I’ll admit that mine is the use of proper case or sentence case or even all lowercase in titles. Title case is made for titles!


Titles being too short? I agree. :grin:

For me it’s same title, description and supporting information.

An essay is not required but writing “church” 3 times is not good text and annoying to edit


When the detail photo is so good that I’m sure that this is a good wayspot, but than the POI isn’t shown in the supporting photo.


Not a reviewing thing, but a me thing

Forgetting i smsubitted apmething whrn out a walk and put in place holder stuff (like fill in later) then remebering s fee days later go to change it and seeing in voting lol

People submitting signs of all kinds that dont meet any criteria


Photos with extreme aspect ratios. Due to how PGO and ING use photos, results in blurry Wayspot photos in game.


Taking third party photos and using them as the main and supporting photos. The worst was a submitter saying that the business owner wanted their logo from their social media pages used as their main photo for a Wayspot.

Most of mine are with photos, especially with those that spread the lie that photos should be taken in portrait only, instead of considering whether landscape may make for a better photo overall.


Each and every little error bothers me, but I know the entry may have been made in haste, in bad weather, etc.
Still, they add up.
‘trial maker nubmer egheit’ would have me spitting my coffee and screaming at the screen.


When you submit a new POI, main photo looks fine in Wayfarer, the object is in the center. Then POI is accepted by community, you look at Pokestop in Pokemon Go and photo is awful, it is cropped and object is not in the center anymore and the worse is that photo is scaled and it scaled wrong. POI object has incorrect form now and it makes my eyes bleeding.
Unfortunately it started happening for me regularly in last months.


Not having a map of all Wayspots is going to be extremely annoying.


Worser only if nomination with place holder stuff in title/description is accepted and another nomination where I spent couple of hours collecting histories and preparing description is rejected because of bad description :slight_smile:.

Title or description calling something new. “New Playground”.
Supporting photo not showing POI
Supporting information including “need another poke-stop” or words to that effect
Edits with multiples of the exact same new photo
Currently all the LDS edits


If you don’t want people to number things that don’t officially have numbers, what is your preferred way to differentiate 4 ballfields, and 5 trail markers, if the nominator is unable to locate an official title?


I’ve seen someone try “Jones Field” and “Not Jones Field” because one field had a sign with the name “Jones Field” while the one next to it had no sign, no name. “Not Jones Field” was not accepted. [sad trombone noises]


I agree with you! Although I recently did a mural and the mural had the words “da dolce vita” written on them in lowercase, and I just didn’t feel right changing that one.

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Titles being too long!! Futurama GIF by Comedy Central

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Identical names on things in the same area, and the people who rejected my edit to change “Wabash Heritage Trail” to “Wabash Heritage Trail - McAllister” for the trail entrance from McAllister park.
Supporting photos not showing the wayspot.
People moving wayspots from valid locations to no more valid locations that have disadvantages for some players. Yes, people have been doing this lately, and it’s driving me nuts.
Reviewers rejecting photos that should be good enough, IE slightly tilted due to being taken at an angle, having unavoidable cars in them without legible license plates.