About Cemetery and Funeral Home

Does Cemetery, Cemetery Entrance or any other things inside the boundary falls under the acceptance criteria? I thought it to be a sensitive location. And what should i do for funeral home when I’m reviewing?

Is it a sensitive location and a reject or anything else? Please explain. Thank you.

They are typically rejected for being sensitive locations, plus not generally meeting any of the 3 criteria.

An exception would be for example if there are items inside the cemetery that are eligible in their own right ie chapel, war memorial, statue. Those could potentially be okay but the cemetery itself probably wouldnt be. You can use your judgement

Another exception might be a historical cemetery that is clearly set up for visitors ie has some information boards up to explain the history, the stories of people laid to rest there - I reviewed one of those earlier and accepted it as it was clear that it had become something of a tourist spot. It seems the US submitters have tried to add a lot of cemeteries, and I’ve rejected almost all of them

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