Cemeteries & Other Sensitive Locations

Sensitive locations such as funeral homes, burial grounds, cemeteries, and graveyards should generally be avoided out of respect, but gravestones belonging to historical figures or significant community figures can be eligible if the nominator provides evidence for their historical importance.

:+1: The picture above is a good example of a gravesite of community importance, and can be considered eligible if proper context is provided. Harvey Pekar was a famous comic book artist, and his fans come to leave pens and markers in the gravesite as a memorial to him. This activity has been approved by the family and the cemetery, and helps to make this a unique point of interest.

Crosses, churches, chapels, shrines, war or veterans memorials, religious sculptures that are not part of the grave are also eligible for consideration if they are publicly accessible.

:+1: These chapels above are great examples of unique architecture within cemeteries that can be accessed by the public.

Controversial Memorial Sites

Places that eulogize slavery, racism, or other acts of oppression and portray them in a positive light are not eligible and should be rejected as sensitive locations.

For example, sites in the United States such as Confederate cemeteries, gravesites, and memorials are not eligible unless the site is now part of a museum that provides educational value. Proper evidence must be provided that the site is used for such purposes.

Other Sensitive Locations

Sensitive memorial sites that do provide educational value may not all be considered eligible, however. For example, places like Auschwitz-Birkenau may provide a lot of educational value through their museum and programming, but are also active sites of mourning. As a result, they should be rejected as sensitive locations out of respect.

**Note that in certain jurisdictions there are also legal considerations that need to be taken into account and as such otherwise eligible nominations at all of the locations mentioned above may not be accepted there.