Accepted Pokestop Not Showing After Months Wait

It is in the same level 17 s2 cell as “Snook Coke Mural”, but it is more than 20m away, so it did sync to Ingress.

Nvl was faster than me

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For additional context when you submit a nomination it is for wayspots in the Lightship database. Your accepted nominations are stored there.

Each game (Pokémon Go, Ingress, Pikman, Peridot, MHNow) have inclusion rules that they apply to the Lightship database to populate their unique game boards. Yours does not meet the inclusion rule for Pokémon Go, Ingress, etc.


Can you tell me what sync to ingress means? Is it going to show up now?

As cyndiepooh’s screenshot shows, it has already synced to Ingress, which is another game created by Niantic with different inclusion rules. It will not sync to Pokémon Go, since it is within the same diamond shown by the yellow/green grid lines.

they are probable using in a different game go back and check

Could you please post the link of the map or tell me how to access this kind of maps.

It’s a screenshot from IITC (Ingress Intel Total Conversion), a plugin for the Ingress Intel site which makes it usable, with the Pogo Tools plugin added as well to draw s2 cells.

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