Why did my pokestop go to a different game

I submitted this to be a pokestop since that’s the game I play. We need 1 more stop to make a gym for our community. However, it never showed up and it says it is in a different game.

Is there a way to get it in Pokemon go so that I can help build this community and become the Community Ambassador and host events for Pokemon Go.

It did not go to a different game. It went to the Lightship database.

Be aware that things will show in the nomination map in Pogo with the toggle on as Wayspots immediately, but sync into game once a day. And that daily sync can be delayed or skipped. Seeing the exclamation point does not mean that it will not appear in PoGo if it just hasn’t synced yet.

If it does not appear in Pokemon Go after a couple of syncs, it would be because it did not meet inclusion rules to show in that game. You can read about how that works in this article: https://pokemongohub.net/post/article/comprehensive-guide-s2-cells-pokemon-go/

[I really botched this answer in the first place, so I edited to get it right in case someone else has this issue and comes across this reply.]

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I can’t see the whisk on street or satellite view, but I do see there is already a portal for Granny Sweeties Patio Space, and would guess the whisk is in the same cell.

Ingress syncs in much later in the day than Pogo, so you could be seeing it in Pogo and I could not be seeing it in Ingress yet.

ty for replying! you can check the wayfarer app to see where it actually landed. i only have access to ingress intel

I actually messed up, the church is not in the same cell. It should be eligible to show up in Pokémon Go from what I can see (unless there’s a sponsored location already in that cell), but I believe sync has not happened today, which might be due to Go Fest Madrid.

Edit: Sync has happened but it was slightly later than usual :man_facepalming:t3:

Maybe we should just take the rest of the day off the forum @cyndiepooh :joy:


doh! will edit my first response

Your comment about the Sync being a little later I guess is true. The pokestop does actually show in Pokemon go now.

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lol will do. i got too focused in on the “another game” part. glad it was a happy ending and hope the explanation helps someone else who actually does have a problem.

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