After work market


I hope I choose the right category.
As the title above, I would like to ask you, what do you think about nominating an event?

The frame:

  • After work market repeated every year
  • it is on every second thursday from end of march to end of september
  • the location stays every time the same (town hall place)
  • open for everyone
  • alcohol is allowed

What do think? Could I nominate it?

The event itself isn’t permanent. But does the location host other things when this event isn’t happening?


agree the event cannot be eligible by itself, but that could be a good reason that the place that hosts the event is eligible if it isn’t just a temporary set up.


Thanks for response.

I thought also long time “ah, it isn’t permanent” - that’s obvious. But it remains in my thoughts because it is greeaat for socializing, and shows a part of our culture.
Than I thought “Where is the difference between this and an ice café, which also closes its doors thruw winter?”. Is it the roof above this not permanent opened business?

But now I know, this could be perfectly eligible, every reviewer would look at it with the “not permanent glasses”, so I save my time and nominate the “normal” things (which also can be small highlights).

I think what the others are suggesting is that a venue such as ‘Town Hall Courtyard’ could be a viable, permanent venue at that location.

In support of this venue’s usefulness and value to the community, you could cite the marketplace, speech-giving, festivities, etc., that take place there. All that is required is for reviewers to feel like there is a real, ongoing use for the space.


Thank you :hugs:
I’ll use your feedback as a representative view from outside and mark the first one as solution to close this discussion.

It’s literally part of the acceptance criteria:

Must be a permanent physical, tangible, and identifiable place or object, or object that placemarks an area.

So the venue is probably an eligible place to explore and socialise, but an event is definitely not, because it’s not a physical tangible thing.