AI rejection reasons finally added

I’ve just noticed that my nominations that were rejected by the rubbish AI now have rejection reasons listed. And they make for interesting reading.

I’m not going to post my full nominations because I can’t be bothered but they are as follows:

A National Cycling Network trail marker rejected for being “other” and a generic business. Now it’s a trail marker that encourages exercise that’s the criteria met. Now how is a marker on a lamppost a building that is a generic business like McDonald’s? Why is that ever a legitimate rejection reason for a trail marker. Now some will say focus on the word “generic” but that’s isn’t what that particular rejection reason is for and should never be used in this way. Now if they had used temporary for example I might think that’s a more legitimate reason but it’s not temporary. And I’ve had similar accepted by the community. Now in recent days my friend has submitted similar NCN trail markers only to have them instantly accepted by “the team” AI robot. Some were even stickers.

And a Victorian Postbox which was rejected when they were apparently testing this amazing robot which was apparently rejected for “Wayfarer Criteria” what ever that means. This very same postbox was accepted by the community once the robot left it alone.

I then had a building which I think has interesting architecture rejected for “other”. Perhaps because it was a newer building but nonetheless I think it has interesting architecture. I moaned to the help chat and the next nomination was allowed to enter voting. After almost a month I got sick of waiting and gave it an upgrade for it to be rejected as a single private residence when it is clearly not. So at least chose a proper reason people.

I also had a map rejected. Now I’ll even accept this map looks quite temporary in it’s design but it’s not and been there years and it will remain. I got this rejected for “other” again what ever that means. As well as the good old generic business when it’s a MAP! :world_map: not a building selling goods.

So there you go. The amazing AI is selecting nonsense rejection reasons and may as well be the very poor human reviewers who keep incorrectly rejecting nominations with false or incorrect reasons.

Some of these nominations are now in voting and have been stuck there for almost 2 months. I give up.

Yes I refreshed the page and these are the only reasons.


Yes it’s a business :crazy_face:


Proof it needs removing AGAIN. And that’s the only reason. If your nomination said temporary then you would give the human reviewer the benefit of doubt but if a new person came to this this process, they’d definitely be scratching their heads.

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RIP AI, looks like criteria AI Emily has broken down again if criteria has generic business by emily, not temporary.

When this was originally rejected we had no reasons. We started to talk of too much “green” as short hand for it being mistaken for a picture dominated by natural material.
I can see Wafarer criteria as a catch all for Emily to say I don’t like it.
Quite why it displays generic business is a total mystery.


This one. Full of greenery and tree branches was accepted by AI two days ago. It was also submitted more recently than my 20 yes 20 still stick in voting which are of a similar nature to this one. Nature no pun intended.

Don’t worry. If it had got through to normal voting its a coinflip on whther its accepted or gets rejected as temporary/seasonal/not distinct. :wink:

Then in a year or so, or at any time, we can both get the “educational ban warning” email to scare us off submitting trail markers ever again


Oh, also, Emily seems to like the squarish metal sign version for the NCN routes that has the number and a bike symbol only. We’ve had 2 of those auto-accepted now. The stickers are completely random as to if they are accepted or not. Metal signs with both local and national routes on them are I think at 100% rejected :thinking:

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I just checked, i got wayfairer criteria … right??? Wanna explain that a bit more emily? Is it not meeting criteria? Is it meeting a rejection criteria? Is it actually acceptable to criteria but id just being rejected cause reasons? This is worse than no reason lol

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My friend submitted around 6 NCN stickers on lampposts all accepted by AI. I’ve had NCN metal markers accepted by the community albeit more recently as they were rejected previously and even had one rejected on appeal for it to be accepted by the community. I also submitted one twice. It got accepted and I let the duplicate go into voting for it to be rejected even though it was a duplicate :rofl:. I’ve learnt that getting things accepted just relies on the reviewers you get and nothing to do with them looking at a nomination and judging it by the criteria.

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My friend had one rejected by the community for “various rejection criteria” I mean there are many which one? :rofl: he appealed it and it was accepted. It was a trail marker in the ground that was new so didn’t appear on streetview not that you would be able to see even if it was on streetview. The rejection reasons should at least relate what the abject is. At least you know why it was rejected so you can try and negate this when you resubmit the nomination. Reviewers surely can’t select that many rejection reasons it can’t show you at least 3.

So if each and every reviewer selected their own different rejection reason this is what you would get ? “Various rejection criteria”

Originally rejected ages ago by the community for lack of street view.
Resubmitted last night instead of an appeal, accepted just now be Emily

Original Emily rejects mostly show Wayfarer Criteria as a reason now.
A couple show this

I got that view point. Accepted it. This is why my rating is poor. People just don’t get it.

How is a scenic viewpoint a generic business?

Interesting, I though it had been auto rejected originally maybe the memory cheats.

Originally rejected by the community for low quality photo, resubmitted last night, accepted by Emily today

I think someone has coded Emily to understand “generic business” as just “generic” so it’s saying that the bench is just a generic bench.

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Yet this is where a human can see beyond the bench and see the spectacular views and that the bench is merely a manmade tangible object to anchor the waypoint too and for players to go to the area. Head - brick wall.

This is what I have always hated about generic business being used as this is just “generic”. It should never be used like that. If they can’t find a good reason to reject with an actual valid argument they should probably actually accept it. Or skip it.

This is why I think they added “not distinct” but they have lumped it with temporary and I don’t think that actually goes together well. Many things aren’t distinct but they are certainly not temporary. If it isn’t distinct isn’t it a duplicate of another nearby waypoint?? I give up try to get my head around it all.


The issue with “not distinct” is that well, a bench is pretty distinctive against grass etc, its easy to see it. A lot of people seem to use it to mean “one of a kind” rather than “can you notice it against the surroundings”, so they reject things unnecessarily.

And I agree it doesnt belong with seasonal or temporary. But those get used all the time for things that are not seasonal or temporary

To get into another topic, I guess my “pet peeve” is use of inaccurate rejection reasons.


Emily probably used other reviewers results to learn how to review. It is bad that in my area many wayfarers treat “generic business” as “generic”. And it is universal response if you don’t like nomination, but you can’t find any other reason to reject.
I got “generic business” from alive people reviewers many times for decorative street lamps, beach informational stands, sculptures on historical building. All of them had nothing with business for sure.
So Emily just treats it like other community.

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This is why I keep saying that we need much better reasons to choose from, people will use what seems to be the best fit and that then gets fed back to the submitter but it’s often not really the true reason.
It would be so nice to be able to provide accurate feedback as to why something has been rejected, especially if it’s an easy fix that could be resubmitted and accepted next time. So much less confusion and frustration for all.