Any guidance for renaming US Post offices?

I recently had a rename of my local post office from “San Jose Post Office” to “US Post Office: [zip]”. Amusingly enough, I discovered I tried the exact same rename almost exactly 10 years ago and it was rejected then to. So, yay for consistency?

San Jose has dozens of post offices, and if they’re all named the same, it would be difficult to tell them apart.

In looking at other POs in the area, I see some are named “[location] US Post Office”, others “[location] Post Office”, and variations of that. Where “[location]” can be found on and so far, all seem to have such direct links from Google Maps.

Of course, this inconsistency in naming bothers me a lot (thank you mild OCD), so I must fix them to be consistent.

Personally, I’d prefer something like “US Post Office: [location]” or “USPS: [location]”, which doesn’t match any existing spots I’ve yet found. But, if there is guidance from either Niantic or the community, particularly if it would encourage acceptance of title edits, I’d go with that.

Annoyingly enough, Open Street Maps is inconsistent with their naming. Some are “[location] Post Office”, some are “[location] Station Post Office”. At least in GMaps, they’re all generically named “United States Postal Service”, but with a direct link to the correct entry on

As a bonus, the website also lists official GPS coords for the centers, so I can get two edits out of each once to satisfy my desire to fix the world!

Any recommendations?


this can be tough, sometimes even renaming the “US Post Office” variety is met with rejection. In general, i try to use the name found on the building if there is one or on the USPS website if there isn’t.

I can tell via reviewing a lot of edits that some wayfarers have their own version of “correct” for this which varies. Some include the zip code as that is unique to a location. Others will use the street its on as an identifier which i personally don’t agree with.

In general my biggest tip would be to pick a format and stick with it for as many as you try to update in an area.

And good luck! it can be frustrating trying to do edits like this.

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