Lack of Appeals is Frustrating

We only receive 2 every 20 days and I feel I always have something to appeal when it comes available and that is only in my nominations. I don’t use the edits as often and would just re-edit. Thankfully, we don’t have to use these appeals for rejection reports…yet.
This was rejected from “our team” as duplicate and there are no current wayspots in this area. Clearly they think I nominated the same wayspot twice. So here is the rejection first:

The approved nomination I assume they think it a duplicate. Approval came about 90 minutes prior to the denial.

I have received my daily allowance of nominations today and that is all I have. Yet I also would have to go back out that way as I nominated them when dropping my son off at his Scouts Camp last weekend and they are too far for nominations in ingress. As well, they would likely deny it again.
Any thoughts on this? Should I improve it somehow?

Was the duplicate made by the community or the team?

I’m guessing that AI saw that the second has the same Description, Supplemental Information, and Supporting Photo as the first - and kicked it out as duplicate.

Are they also pinned at the same place? Did you close the game and restart after nominating the first one?

Yes it was by “our team”. I believe another user reported something similar with some commemorative memorials for past wars on stones.

There are slight differences in the information on directions the trails take and the supporting photo is different for both. One path actually goes up a hill, whereas the other goes down. The trail was created after streetview. Actually much of this area was developed after streetview.

I did not close my game for that. Previously, I had an issue with my game where the map went white in between submissions, so I would have to close and restart in between them. Thankfully, that has resolved and am happy I don’t have to do that anymore. The pins are in different locations.

How do I go about removing the “duplicate wayspot” photo from my nomination that was approved? The Butler Trail - Lemare Access SE was approved, but has the photo for the rejected wayspot on it as well as because the ML deemed it a “duplicate”. I have to wait until I get my appeals back again to appeal the duplicate rejection, but I couldn’t find how to get the inaccurate photo removed from this wayspot via the help chat.

Report an abuse → Photo issues I think

It doesn’t matter if it says abuse here

Thank you. I did that and they said they removed it. :smile:
Now to appeal the duplicate.