Appeal Removed POI

I request the reevaluation of the removal of the POI “Igreja Assembéia de Deus em Itaguaçu”.

As you can see in Street View, the POI EXISTS, and it is in the place it should be, but for no reason the POI was removed.

I can no longer get the location, as all the POI Keys (ingress) were deleted when the POI was removed, I have an old print of the POI and below is the location link on Streetview.


This was a fake Wayspot submitted at an incorrect location. There is already a Wayspot connected to this location.

I see… The portal you said exist in that location probably already existed in duplicate before, and when the correct/updated one was moved to the incorrect location, it “appeared”… The problem is that we requested the correction to the correct location, the “community” denies it, we contest it and the (N)IA also denies it… So it stays in the wrong place until we can return, often there is no time because…

After moving to the wrong location, a well-known Cheater/Spoofer in the region (who has about 7 accounts already reported, but who pays CORE and buys Coins on PokeGo) makes a mass report… oh, she probably requested the edit place, and used the purchased accounts to approve and then report “as Fake POI”.

Thank you for the clarification… we will request the inclusion of the Photo in the portal that “appeared” and we hope that the community accepts it.