5 approved none showed up in Pokemon go

So finally our new club house playgrounds and other facilities opened in our estate and I nominated 5 stops. All approved, none go into Pokémon go. Very very disappointed given it’s been a stretch to get anything approved in the area and it would of been great and encouraging for local players to go down to the park where it is safe to play the game. The next closest park is not safe but every thing is listed and in the game. Unfortunately it’s also got no toilet facilities and smells like an open toilet and phone reception is limited. Out of my last 10 nominations 9 have not made it to Pokemon go

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It’s quite easy to tell whether a given nomination will sync to pogo. If it’s in an empty level 17 s2 cell, it will generally sync. Otherwise, it generally won’t.


It’s empty. Nothing there.

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  1. How long ago were they approved?
  2. You’re not seeing cells in that screenshot. Without knowing the exact location, I can’t tell you. But it’s more than likely that those POI fall into 2 cells.
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Only recently approved however when I click on each one which are all mine it says approved stop in other niantic games not shown on Pokemon go or something along those lines.

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Check your confirmation email:

Any that are eligible to appear could take up to 48 hours to do so. Not all nominations are eligible to appear in Pokémon Go based on Level 17 S2 Cells though.

Whilst it does say they’re visible in other games but not in Go, if they’re less than 48 hours old they might not have yet had the chance to sync to Go.

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That is because approved wayspots are added to the Lightship database immediately, which is where that map draws its data from.

As others have mentioned it takes up to 48hrs in general for a wayspot to appear in game if it meets the specific gameboard rules.

If they do end up appearing in Pogo later on the icon on that map will change into a pokestop.

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