Approved pokestop not yet showing up after reset

Approved this last June 3 and til today its not showing up in game.

  • Device type, model, and operating system
  • Poco F5 Pro, Android13
  • Game & Game Version
  • Pokemon Go

Hello, I know Pokémon GO tells you you are nominating a Pokéstop, but as your email screenshot says, not all nominations are eligible to appear in all Niantic games. Your nomination has indeed been aproved as a wayspot in the Lightship database but it’s not going to appear in Pokémon GO as all games have inclusion rules and in this instance “L.E Compound Welcome Arch” is preventing it from appearing. Sorry for the frustrating news.

so what do I need to do for it to show up in game? maybe I pinned it at the wrong spot and I need to move it?

Does resubmitting it is possible?

There`s nothing you can do in this case.
Moving it will not work (and moving it away from the object is not allowed).
Resubmitting will only be rejected as a duplicate as the database entry is already existing.

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Okay so I just wasted my time submitting this POI yes? lol. smh

Or maybe you helped someone playing a different current or future game.