Are trig points valid

You know the ones to mail the land before gps.

Its next to hiking trails but got rejected

A trig point could be - they are great places to explore encouraging people to ascend hills and mountains.

However, your picture isn’t great, because we dont get a sense of what that item’s backdrop is - I bet its on top of a hill with great views! But the current picture makes people think its a stone block on the ground somewhere that isnt necessarily special.

The description also mentions portals which is game specific terminology which is an automatic reject - so thats probably why it was rejected. The reason for is is because the waypoints and descriptions are used in many different games, so we shouldn’t mention any specific game so that they are relevant for all. I would maybe use the description to talk about the view, notable parts of the area, the height of the trig point or something like that.


they can be, but your description here is likely the main cause of the rejection. don’t mention any game terms there

I’m not really sure what a ‘trig point’ is. And your photo and description don’t really help me understand either. So you may need to give folks a bit more to go on. Is it a great place to socialize, exercise, or explore?

Also you cannot use game terms in your title or description.


Yeah I submitted before you took second photos and it’s hard to make lol sexy, and in was going for more the view

They’re usually on top of mountains etc, used for making maps and measurements but typically viewed as a marker for the summit too - theyre pretty cool!

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Yes, they certainly can be eligible.
You don’t show your supporting information, does that do a good job of proving that this meets criteria and there is pedestrian access?
The photo could be a better angle, or maybe the greenery cleared away more.
Your description is likely to get it denied on that alone, you are supposed to describe the object, what you have would be better off in the supporting if it needs mentioning at all.
We really need to see the full submission to offer more accurate advice.


I found a cool picture of a UK mountain’s trig point. Isnt this stunning?

This is the ideal kind of picture you’d want to aim for, of course not necessarily this level of stunning because every view is different, weather varies, and the trig points are often much more simple than this, but yeah, try to get the trig point itself, with a bit of mountain and some view in the background if that can be done.


Yeah was a short hike from a popular trail and parking at a cell tower

It’s there a matching tag in the wayfarer categories?

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I believe there’s a “geodetic marker” tag

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:astonished: :flushed: that’s stunning

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Many of the other images were heavily cloudy and so grey you couldn’t see the lake :laughing::laughing: because, its in Wales, which is famously wet and dreary :laughing:

I’d accuse that of copywriting :joy:

Trig points are good things to nominate, and this just needs to be given a chance to shine.

I am going to move this topic over to Nomination Support as it best to not clutter up appeals as this is a category for specific queries,

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I found an article about British trig points and what they’re for. Certainly showcases how they can meet the explore criteria

The photography in the article is STUNNING

BBC News - The trig pillars that helped map Great Britain

I went for this for an accept


I’d recommend ensuring that the supporting image shows the trail in relation to the trig point as much as possible and any other landmarks that may appear on satellite view.

Also include a link to said trail in the supporting text to help reviewers match this with what you have said. Describe why you think this meets criteria, you don’t really need to mention the cell tower though, that doesn’t seem relevant.

Write a bit more in the description about what a trig point is and particularly the history of this one and how it related to the local area, again any links to information in the supporting always helps.

If you can get a less obstructed picture for the main image that will be a bonus too, anything you can do to make it easy and obvious for reviewers the better.

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So cool!! I love it.

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There’s all part of the same system with out this one that one would be useless