Are you allowed to nominate guest houses, General doctors practice information sign?

Good day everyone,

I want to know about nomination of guest houses and Doctors general practices information sign. Is a Dr general practice information sign seen as sensitive places

A doctors isn’t sensitive, but it also doesnt really meet criteria of being a good place to socialise, exercise or explore.

Exceptions may happen if they have exercise classes for patients there or something like that, more of a community centre type space, but generally speaking they would not be eligible

A guest house could get a positive vote with a good nomination. It would depend onnthe guest house and how well the submitter “sold” it to me as a good place to explore or socialise

For me a GP surgery would be a sensitive place, I wouldn’t be comfortable with people hanging around while I was going for a medical examination or similar. In any case, it probably doesn’t meet any of the 3 criteria.

A guest house could be a good POI if you can show why it would meet criteria, is it special in some way, historic? Provide evidence of this in the supporting so reviewers know which criteria it meets.