I dont understand why this was rejected

There is no close pokestops, its on a main street with sidewalks that cross right by, its near several parking lots. I dont get what the issue is?

Your rejection email said “our team” I bet? My guess is that the Machine Learning model rejected this because it could not detect anything that met Wayfarer Criteria. The main Wayfarer Criteria are:

  • A great place for exploration
  • A great place for exercise
  • A great place to be social with others

I don’t think that a hospital is any of those.

That said, one hospital here has a walking path, and I have submitted the trail markers for that path that employees, patients, and the general public are encouraged to use. Or there may be artwork at the hospital you could submit that would meet the exploration criteria, as long as it doesn’t interfere with emergency services.


Well its on a public sidewalk, so Exercise check, Surgery is exploration of the body, so check, and it has a waiting room, so you can talk there. If that there argument then every starbucks, sprint, and buisness would not met the criteria because there not great places to exercise or explore.

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It must be a GREAT place for ONE of those things, without meeting any criteria that would make it ineligible. You CAN walk on the sidewalk, but is it a GREAT place designed to get you to exercise? No, it is infrastructure. You CAN socialize in the waiting room I guess, but would you ask a friend to meet you there to chat? You can explore your body at a hospital, but that would get into the sensitive, adult, or obstructs emergency services rejection reasons. Generic businesses like you listed also do not meet criteria.


This is just a generic sign for a hospital, which is generic/sensitive/obtructing to emergency services, and it doesn’t meet eligibility criteria. Here’s what is noted about business signs:

There may be other things at the hospital that are eligible, such as permanent art in lobbies/waiting rooms, memorial/dedication plaques, gift shops, outdoor picnic/seating areas, etc.


In looking to see if there was anything I could suggest instead, I see there are already two things in Ingress at the hospital of the type I mentioned:


First, Sprint and Starbucks are Sponsored into Pokémon GO and do not inherently meet Wayfarer eligibility. Their corporate decided to pay for inclusion and only into PoGO. The hospital could choose to pay but that wouldn’t make it “eligible” as a Wayspot.

Second, that’s not how socializing criteria works. A location must be intended or important for socializing, not simply “talks can take place at this lamppost.” Think picnic pavilions, cafés, or parks.


Hi! I’ve been scouting the town on Street view for possible Wayspots and I’ve found a couple spots that might work out.

  1. The baseball diamond at Franklin Park
  2. Cuyuna Lanes bowling alley
  3. Cuyuna Outfitters (the sign says they rent out kayaks and other boats)
  4. The cafe on 1st Ave NE with bicycles hanging from the sign (it looks like an interesting and unique sign)
  5. Get “Pickled” Ball Indoor Court

Of course, you’d have to investigate these locations to be sure they’d work out, but maybe one or a couple of these could be good Wayspots? The town is absolutely beautiful, by the way!


I literally spat out my coffee when I saw surgery is exploratory of the body :joy:


Hello @Lo0die
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As this appears to be about a rejected nomination I am moving it to nomination support.
Hopefully some people will be able to help explain why it was probably rejected and possibly help with some alternative nominations.

Perhaps, they thought it would interfere with emergency services.

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That is just 1 reason. Signs like these are hospitals are also very generic and indistinct, so they are not eligible. The hospitals have many variations on these directional signs, and they are mainly used by those in vehicles to get around the outside of the campus, not by pedestrians.


This is on the main street of a public road. with sidewalks and pedestrian markings. Also medical professionals are people too you know. Just because your a doctor or nurse you are no longer allowed to play Pokémon go? This is a small town of less then 3000 people and in the entire area there is maybe 20 poke stops and about 5 or 6 gyms. So as generic as it may be there is not a ton of options like most would have in a major city.

The sitting area you are refiring to in the picture is in the middle of hospital and is for a retirement home to use its not even public.

It is on a public state road with public sidewalks on both sides.

Sign for a hospital doesn’t meet any criteria sorry. Hope you understand now!


Something doesn’t have to be public or accessible to everyone to be eligible. A community room at a care/retirement home could be considered a great place to socialise, and is accessible by all members of the home, plus visitors and staff - that definitely isn’t an exclusion criteria!


If we assume that it is sufficient if placed on a sidewalk, we may nominate a crosswalk sign represented by a yellow pedestrian symbol; we may nominate a no parking sign with a shaded P. But they all do not meet the eligibility criteria. You are aware of that. And from our point of view, the hospital’s signage does not meet the same eligibility criteria.

We have given you suggestions of what to nominate, and there is also a great thread of nominating in rural areas, something I do from time to time myself. I highly recommend reviewing it, as you may be surprised to see what isn’t a Wayspot in yur community.


It’s not where you want to be, and it may disappoint you since you just saw it, but how about this one? It looks like a place where you could go in, sit down, and chat with friends. It is on the grounds of an apartment building, but it looks like it is eligible.

There is also a pavilion to the right of it. This one may also be eligible for socials.

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