Art installations in the gym appeal rejected,why?

name: 飛懸
location:24.841348 , 121.019599

both photo:

Appeal rejected. Because of temporary or highly non-permanent

But this gym has existed for more than 10 years (including the art installation I applied for), and I can GOOGLE to get relevant information.

Related photos can also be found on GOOGLE MAP

It is difficult for this art installation to exist “temporarily” even if it is hung so high from the ceiling.

In my opinion, this is an art installation hanging from the ceiling
Is it inappropriate to apply for this object?
Thank you everyone for reading this article.

To me, these look like lights at the gym, not an art installation. Temporary and seasonal are still used by the appeals team for something that doesn’t seem to be permanent and/or distinct.

What did you include for the description and supporting info text? That information will better help us.

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The initial rejection was based on private residence and incorrect location.
After the appeal, the official rejected it as a temporary item.

By the way, this is not light
Red circle is light

I can see inaccurate location, as there is no Street View at this location for the building it’s in.

However, it would still be helpful to know what the description and supporting info text is. Also, the title may need some improvement as well, as Flying doesn’t seem to be the best.

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The second picture shows that this object is on the far left side of the building, and provides the full name of the building (台元運動健身中心三館)
The reviewer can confirm the correct location based on the satellite image and the second picture I provided.

Reviewers would most likely have to open up Google Maps to confirm the location, since there are photos of the inside listed there, and not all reviewers do so. Not all reviewers even know that when reviewing, you can click on the Google logo on the map, and it will open up Google Maps in another tab/window.

Therefore, it’s very important for places without Street View to provide the best information possible, which is why knowing what the description and supporting info text was will help us help you.

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Thank you for your reminder, and thank you for helping to find out my problem. I will pay more attention to it when applying in the future.