Submission meets acceptance criteria but denied?

Just had a poke stop submission rejected. I read the nomination criteria AT LENGTH before submitting and populated my submission with all the necessary info. It’s a youth sports gymnastics and jump rope gym. Safe, publicly accessible, permanent, etc. It was rejected for “temporary/seasonal and not distinct orientation.” What does that even mean? It’s a permanent gym open year around. This is absurd. See screen shot images of denied submission with photos and info.

Rather than using the actual jump ropes as the subject of the main photo, a sign would better represent the place.


Those are two separate rejection reasons. One is “temporary/seasonal or not distinct” and the other is “orientation”.

My guess is you got the first reason because the jump ropes can easily be moved. @paulingzubat is correct that you should ideally use the sign as the main photo.

Orientation is incorrect as it’s intended to be for when your photo is tilted, sideways or upside down. I’d say it’s likely that reviewers didn’t like the photo of the jump ropes but selected the wrong rejection reason for them.