Banned words and problems with naming and describing POI

I live in a little town called Tavagnacco, for some reason I can’t put it in the title or the description of the POI. What can I do?


Would it make sense to change it to Tavagná?

You can maybe explain in the support that you had to use a slightly different local dialect/language as the word filter was blocking it.

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The filter is frustratingly poor and often restricts the most ridiculous things, there are ways around… Unicode Look-alikes · GitHub

That’s not going to help now that I look at the word :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Not the first time that a town name has been banned. I don’t know much Italian, so don’t really know if there is an issue with the meaning of Tavagnacco, or part of the name, or something else.

I am so with you on this one! The word filter is horrible! It needs to be changed. It’s not like wayspots go into game without being reviewed. I wish so much that they’d flag nominations with words they thought bad and have someone check them, and then use what they learn to improve the system. Come on, Emily, you can learn to tell the difference between a bucket of cussing and a mural artist’s last name!


Imma go out on a limb, here and say it’s the third, fourth, and fifth letters.

I know it’s preposterous, but there it is.


And the filter is being awful here…Can’t believe I missed those letters. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

And again, not the first time…

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It would make a lot of sense.
I have to say, I’m pretty embarrassed that it didn’t occur to me sooner. Tavagnacco Is the Italian word while Tavagná is the translation in the local language of my region that’s called Friulano.
(Pro tip: if you ever visit Friuli Venezia Giulia remember to never call Friulian a dialect, here it has been recognized as a state language, we are very proud of this and we get “angry” easily if someone calls it a dialect​:joy::joy:)

Oh. Right the core problem of the word is still there even if I use Tavagná…

I hope Emily can learn to recognise writing in the photo of the POI and understand that it’s not a bad word.

Apologies :slight_smile:

I guess changing a letter like @KaptainSpikey said may be your best bet.


Ah, the Scunthorpe problem…


I feel bad for anyone living there, or other places similarly affected. Would be nice use of AI to cross reference “rude” words with a world map, language differences and country borders!

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The fact is that at least 40% of the portals in my town and some even outside it have Tavagnacco in the name because they were requested at least 3 years ago😂

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The Scunthorpe filter was in before Emily (the AI) started to do reviews. It was pointless then, because all submissions would have a human reviewer who could reject it… and also because it seems to be set up for English only.

I would hope that Emily has a rather more sophisticated filter, so perhaps it is time to retire this particular feature?


Not the first time I’ve seen the filter cause issues. There’s a statue of Mary at a Catholic church in my area that someone got approved, but the title is misspelled with “virgen” (can’t even post the correct spelling here, smh) Really bugs me that it’s essentially unfixable.

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Whenever I’m annoyed by these filters (it happens a LOT!) I start to imagine a sort of global town meeting, where sober and responsible educators and pundits have gathered to tackle the growing issue of on-line naughty-talk.

Somehow, they all sound like The Simpsons characters trying to teach Maggie her first word.

Dimbo! Dimbo!
Foreskin! Foreskin!

We cannot let them say Phat, it is too close to the three-letter word for obesity, and will give people bad body-images…



Ok, just remembered that South Carolina won the women’s NCAA Final Four for basketball this past Sunday, and their school mascot is similar to game rooster (just a different word for rooster). I also remember having to do a report on Rhode Island growing up, noting their state symbols, and the info I found on their state bird noted it was the Rhode Island Red Rooster, but the other word for rooster (actually is the Rhode Island Red Chicken, not just the rooster or the hen).

It’s also crazy how words used by the scientific and medical communities have become vulgar, yet that is what that part of the body is called. What’s next, taco no longer being allowed for a taco restaurant because it can be slang? Hot dog, too?


It’s absolutely ridiculous to me that letters in the middle of words are being filtered.
The first time I came across this issue was with an artist credit for the surname LeGassick… It took me ages to work out that the problem with the failed submission was a$$ in the middle of the damn word :woman_facepalming: In that case I had to forgo the artist credit (which still irks me to this day).

It’s so much worse when it’s in the very name of the place, though. Most recently I had this issue with nominations in Semmens Park (which is not even the same damn spelling as anything offensive!). There was one old existing Wayspot with the correct spelling. I couldn’t submit a text edit on it with the existing text, either, so I just didn’t bother, but for the new submissions I had to just misspell the name and that is extremely infuriating for those of us who care about the accuracy and integrity of the database :triumph:

The filter needs to take into account existing place names in the area (through map data) and not block letters in the middle of words unless they’re somehow formatted to stand out (such as with capitalisation or symbols) :woman_facepalming:


Niantic are ok with




And B0tt0m$

V4g is just a bit too much for them to handle.