Best bakery in London

Is that enough for an accept, it’s pretty stiff competition to be the best in London but I can’t quite think what else to add in to sell it more.
Any ideas?


I would say this is worthwhile as a great place to explore. I do like my food, though :joy:


It felt like my description was more like advertising blurb but couldn’t think how to word it correctly :thinking:

I would accept this. It looks like a great place to socialise and also somewhere you might choose to visit on a trip, or take someone to when they visit you.


Cakes on you?

Do they do gluten free? :wink:

Hmmmm… They don’t actually say.

Any bakery that doesn’t have a dedicated gluten free kitchen doesn’t actually make gluten free food.

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Figures, its London. For some reason, London is dreadful at gluten free. One time I went to a burger and wings place called “Dirty Bones” to meet friends, and all they could offer me was a duck salad without the duck :sweat_smile: so I ended up with a small bowl of shredded lettuce in some sort of peanut sauce. Highly recommend avoiding that place if you have any sort of dietary requirements :laughing:

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I guess they don’t as they would have said on their site.

The pictures could look to reviewers like maybe it’s closed. Would a shot from inside be more appealing?

I’d think the awards would be enough. And, if I’m ever in London, that it was recommended by you. :smile:

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Not without people in it unfortunately.

Also for me to say that far out into Richmond is London, although technically it is, is probably akin to saying Greenwich is New York?

Maybe shouldn’t have upgraded :thinking:

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If it doesn’t go through in appeal. I might have to try and get a picture when there is nobody there. Maybe 4am :woozy_face: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Oh no - how sad :disappointed_relieved:

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Yeah I think the shutters have counted against you there :woman_facepalming:

I’ll stop by one evening and see if I can get a picture like this to resubmit or add after appeal

It’s always busy though so I might have to get a cortado and rhubarb tart while I wait.

Absolute nightmare…I hate Wayfarer!

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There’s a postbox nearby…


Congratulation :hugs:
How many rhubarb tarts later the bakery was empty?

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