Cafes and restaurants

How honest should I be with my descriptions?

Would this be wise?


Amazing food, awards galore, local history blah blah blah. Table legs were a bit wobbly/Waiting staff were grumpy/Cortado was more like a cappuccino/ Garden door hinge was broken

Is it better to lie just so I can get another p0kestop?

No. No lies. Lies have short legs

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I don’t know the phrase Lügen haben kurze Beine very well :frowning:

How about for this

Vegetarians/Vegans stay away from this place!

Hmmm, I guess it would be a good information, that they don’t serve vegetarian alternatives… for a vegetarian

Wait! I have short legs!


So are you saying all the things you say are lies? :eyes:

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Do you have short legs too?

One of my recent restaurant nominations touched on exactly this :thinking:

If you’re looking for traditional British cuisine, look no further than Three Lions Pub! Whether you’re looking for bangers and mash, fish and chips, or a shepherd’s pie, you can fulfill your cravings for quintessentially British food without a costly plane ticket. If all you’re looking for is a friendly place to grab a drink, they have you covered there too! However, if you have a vegetarian in tow, consider somewhere else for a meal, or they’ll be forced to subsist on chips and onion rings.

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Probably yes, probaly no. If I say yes and I have them would I be lying because I have them? If I say no and I have them would I be lying too?

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I should go full LDS and put in description edits for every post box too.

‘It’s not that special there’s 10 more just around the corner’

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Don’t forget to change all the titles to “Ordinary Postbox”.


Title: Tescos
Description: Tescos but if it were an Argentinian restaurant on the Thames

Repeat as needed with slight changes to the description.


Lol i just got this to review and checked to see if it was copy/paste text, which brought me here!


Always interesting to see when a nomination gets reviewed well outside of the “expected” area. There’s no way that should have any sort of “rural priority”.

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I have my bonus set in LA, and my home and play area is Cary NC, for the record - but you knew that from WDD

The British contingent approves.
See you in there :joy:


I would recommend doing some research before nominating a local cafe/restaurant, as that will help when it comes to creating a good description. Here’s one that I nominated, and before I went to do so, did some online research on it (found their website and socials, for example):

Wobbly legs are an instant rejection. Unsafe.

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Keep it simple. Dont write a review for a FOOD Mag. rofl.

Slightly off topic but still related - I struggle to get restaurants accepted. I managed to get one in my town, but others rejected:

We have one that is Nepalese, Chinese and something else I can’t remember off the top of my head - literally nothing else like this in our entire county - yet it was rejected for genetic business.

We have an Indian restaurant with a quirky name “10 Dining Street” which was rejected by Emily so not entirely sure what the issue is with it, but we thought the name might be enough to make it unique.

In our town we have 2 fish and chip shops. One was accepted into game. The other, which also has a dine in section so makes it far more sociable than the first, gets rejected. I appreciate chippys are rejected more often than not - but I thought the restaurant side might count as sociable.

But we had another Indian restaurant and takeaway accepted!

I personally can’t see why cafes are a pretty much guaranteed “yes” because the criteria specifically calls them out as a good example of the socialise criteria - but restaurants often fall down on the side of “community says no” when you can be just as sociable, if not more so, over a shared meal!

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