Bewertung von Ortsänderungen

Es wäre toll, wenn man zur Bewertung von Ortsänderungen das Umgebungsfoto auch eingeblendet werden würde. So hat man oft nur einen sehr kleinen Ausschnitt den man schwer mit dem Satellitenbild vergleichen kann.

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It’s a great suggestion! However it’s not a bug report, rather a feature request. It would be better off in “General Discussion” :slight_smile:

Also don’t hesitate to use Street View (where available of course) when reviewing location edits or other types of edits. I don’t have a location edit open right now but you can access it by dragging and dropping the yellow little guy into the displayed Google satellite map. Sometimes this helps.


Streetview benutze ich schon - aber oft ist auf dem Foto nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt zu sehen, den man schlecht abgleichen kann.


It is up to the submitter to provide a good supporting photo. Niantic has provided information about taking a good supporting photo, but not all submitters feel that they need to take one that shows the POI in the area that it’s in. Niantic won’t reject nominations for having a low quality supporting photo.

Thus, it’s up to reviewers to do their best to locate the POI in question, and see if they can place it in the area. If there is an issue with locating the POI with all info provided as well as satellite/Street View, you can reject for Accuracy and choose Inaccurate Location.

(their request is to show them during location edits for approved wayspots :slight_smile: )


Ah, location edits, something I submit more of but don’t review a lot.

For the review it would be nice to have the “surroundung foto” - that would be much easier!