Bike paths

Hello, in the criteria it says that bike paths are eligible, what are the conditions for it to be eligible as a wayspot? I have made requests for bike paths but they have always been rejected. I would like to understand.

Thank you for your help


We have a national cycle path in our area which coincides with some lovely parkland and river side walking trails, then heads out into the countryside on roads and tracks, into an area of outstanding natural beauty.

To put into wayfarer wording, its a great place to explore and exercise. Socialise too if you’re with a group!

Biking trails are indeed listed under exercise critiera as an example on the critieria pages. However, reviewers hate them and so do the appeals team. I have had a lot of rejections for my trail markers, but also some acceptances. Appeals seem to have less than 50% success rate too. How much information I give seems to make no difference too. Have had almost identical nominations have different results during the same week.

I would say weve had some success with the AI accepting some of the square metal signs which just contain a bike symbol and the trail name (which is just the number 5). However all the other shaped signs have gone to regular review. Maybe try an image that is just your rectangular sign with the 14 and the bike and see if the AI picks it up?

Personally I think biking trails and walking trails are really nice places to include in these games. They are often providing waypoints outside of the busier areas and as such are nicer places to spend time - better air quality, quieter, more space, nicer scenery. To me, they do meet multiple critieria. However they seem to be the most contentious waypoints around, with people even being threatened with bans for submitting them! It makes no sense at all. I’m waiting for my ban warning. Have submitted quite a number. Oh well. I will argue they meet critiera untill those critieria change.


Collage of some attempts…

The square sign bottom middle was the AI accept.

The rejected appeal is now eventually in game via an accepted appeal that my friend submitted :laughing:

The right hand one was an accepted appeal :sweat_smile:

Stangely enough, middle top was an acceptance by reviewers first time!!!

All right, thanks. I’ll try to repost it and probably try again with appeals.

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To add to what has been said, it is really important to provide evidence of this bike trail for example a link to a website that shows the number for the trail and its route.
And a short explanation/description of what you might see on the route that will make it interesting, or where it might take you to.

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You would think, wouldn’t you… but providing these links can still get appeals back with a refusal, funnily enough. There just seems to be no pattern at all, and low quality efforts can get through where nicely written ones are refused.

Probably make the effort 1 time, writing it up really well, and then you can copy and paste for when it’s rejected and you have to try again :laughing:especially if you have a number of these across the area that you want to map into the games.

In one of my successful ones I think I wrote “google sustrans route 5 for details of the route” because I was utterly fed up of carefully getting the correct links and being rejected anyway

I should also probably mention that we have a local (town council) set of routes - 40 and 41, and they are almost universally rejected. I think I’ve had only 1 accepted out of maybe 10. They are also documented routes on the council website, links provided, good quality metal signs, nope. All rejected as temporary. Even with moss and algae on them. The accepted one was a sticker too. Oh well. Fun times. :grimacing:

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Oh I know this situation all too well :roll_eyes: My contribution list is littered with the mixed bag of accepts, rejects, appeals etc
There persists in the UK some reviewers who for a reason best known to themselves appears to just plain not like these.
But on the whole I think things are better than they have been…teaching Emily that these are good might be the best way forward. :sunglasses:


She particularly likes the square metal route 5 signs… for some reason. She doesnt like the other shapes or other routes though, sadly. Maybe she’ll learn, that would be excellent!!

I think people think they are boring waypoints. But for trails, the waypoint itself isnt the interesting bit, its what it represents, and the trails are brilliant. So they are just looking at it the wrong way, and its a bit sad.

I’ll go for attempt number three next time I’m near the area.


If you look in the criteria clarification section under trails and markers

You will see this as something not to accept.


I would accept it.

Trail markers are different than road signs/directions to a point of interest which is what your screen grab looks like

This to me looks exactly like a trail marker

This is a marker for national Cycle network route1 a very long distance trail.
It would need Good text to go with it as the info on the sign is minimal.
It’s one of those that could go either way.

Ooh I was thinking they meant the initial trail marker at the top of the thread not the Route 1 just above.

Route 5 is in my area (and 4) and the AI really likes that particular style of square metal sign, and seems to accept with basic info. But if the AI doesnt take it they are very unpopular and need patience yeah.

I’m not sure if that was to me as it’s difficult to see who is being replied to :slight_smile:

Sustrans NCN trails are both biking and walking.

Route 1 in the picture is also located on an old railway track now a walking path.


It went one way four times.

Which other text would make it acceptable?


Marker on the 1,264 mile national route along the east coast of the UK from Dover to The Highlands. This section of NCN 1 is located near Waverley Park on the Penicuik to Dalkeith walk and cycleway and also connects to NCN 196


At 1,264 miles long route 1 of the Sustrans national trail is their longest. From Tain in the Highlands to Dover it covers many cities, towns, historic areas and green spaces throughout the UK. This marker located in Midlothian is also on the 1870 Peebles to Edinburgh rail line which closed in 1969 and was converted into the 16km Penicuik to Dalkeith cycle and walkway. Great way to exercise and explore Midlothian and Edinburgh.

Route 1

Old Railway


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Thats another one of the “why wont the appeals system be consistent and actually bother to read the description” ones isnt it lol

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I’ll throw this in here, to make the discussion more complete:

If a bike trail does not allow pedestrians, it gets a thumb down for Safety, and the review is over. For example, bike trails thru the mountains or woods. (Same for a horse trail that doesn’t allow hikers.)

A post that only has trail signs (hiking PLUS maybe biking/equestrian) are the most obvious accepts.

The little bike trail signs under (or on) street signs, are more subjective. I vote them as “Exercise” - but I understand that some see them as not distinct.