Trails & Markers

Trails that encourage following a specific official route by walking are great places to be social, exercise, and explore - the trail is the interesting feature. Trail markers are tangible anchor points that define the route of the trail on the Wayfarer map. A trail marker itself need not be an interesting object but its function on the trail should be unique to that location.

These types of trail markers are definitely eligible Wayspots. They look official and permanent. It would be great if the description included what is interesting about this trail, such as what sights it offers, or what it offers the community. When nominating, consider giving it a unique name to show these trail markers are distinct. The trail should be safely accessible to pedestrians. Generic utility identifiers and street furniture such as street names, car traffic directional signs, and bike lane signs (et cetera) are not eligible.

It can be difficult to prove the actual location of these markers, such as those under tree cover or not visible on street view. Submitters should make good use of the supporting text and photos when nominating and include when possible links to official sites in support of the nomination. Reviewers should also use clues such as trail and park maps to help.

:+1::+1::+1: This marker includes various official logos, a trail name, direction arrows, specific places, and distances that are clearly unique to this location.

:+1::+1: Although no specific name is provided on the marker above, it is official, permanent, and unique.

:+1: Although the sign looks mass produced and the trail is beside a street, it has a trail name, logo, and directions at a decision point.

:+1: Although these are mass produced, they are official and at a decision point. The object and its function are unique. The supporting photo and website of the route will help verify this rural location.

:-1: Although this could be mistaken for a trail marker, it is simply a set of directions to various places in the city so it is not eligible.