Broken nomination display system

Our small group /community of Explorers (our country’s community), has realized through personal bitter experience a huge problem on the Wayfarer website.
We have reached an impasse that we can’t solve on our own, so I want to ask for help from the community and Wayfarer developers.

The nominations are displayed in the wrong order:
Users are first shown new nominations and then old nominations. This creates a hell of a vicious cycle of problems that cause nominations in our country to slow down a lot and get stuck in the evaluation process.

What was the trigger for nominations getting stuck in the voting list:
Recently released, archived, old pokestop edits. It was noticed in our community that a bunch of old pokestop edits were released to the nominations list a month ago. Some of us had submitted these edits as far back as a year and a half ago.
On top of that, we have noticed a decline in member activity in our community, with the number of active evaluators dropping to 25-35 members, instead of the 70-80 active members previously. This only exacerbates the problem, and nominations are stuck on the voting list even longer.
At the same time we have noticed an increase in the number of new nominations in our community, because of which too many nominations can be added to the site at once, and some of them also get stuck on the voting list and lower our rating.

More details about the problem:

  • Due to the fact that new nominations are at the beginning of the list and are displayed first, many human appraisers do not reach the old nominations and these nominations hang for too long.

  • Also, because a small group of very active evaluators are constantly looking through the nominations and have already reached the end of the list, they lose their rating. (Because unresolved nominations in which a vote was cast, according to our observations, affect the rating as negative.)

  • Because they have a bunch of unresolved nominations in their list of evaluated nominations, their rating drops a lot, and the weight of their vote also decreases.

  • Many evaluators spend little time evaluating nominations, so some new nominations are accepted quickly, but most of them get stuck on the list waiting for the last few votes to be decided, because less active evaluators can’t get to them, they don’t spend so much time on it.

    Solution needed:
    Change the display of nominations so that older nominations are shown first to users. This way all nominations will get the necessary number of votes, and they will be accepted faster, and will not be stuck at the end of the list. Accordingly, new nominations should go to the end of the list, and be shown after the old nominations.

Please, help to get through to the developers, and change this broken system! This will benefit everyone, and it will also partially solve the problems of too low rating of active members.

We may have made some mistakes in our observations, and you may suggest a workable solution, or correct our guesses, but what I can say for sure is that nominations really need to be displayed differently, starting with the oldest nominations submitted before the others.