Nominations missing in wayfarer, help

Hi everyone, the list of nominations disappeared.

It would also be useful to add a nomination counter in the header.

thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Buenas! Veo que hablas español así que te comento. Parece ser que has aplicado algún filtro de búsqueda de tus nominaciones, puedes modificarlo pinchando en las tres rayas negras con una flecha hacia abajo encima de donde pone más reciente. Si te siguiesen sin aparecer házmelo saber por favor!

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  1. Are you sure you are logged in? I have found that the webpage logs me out on mobile if i put it in the background.

  2. Tap the filter menu to see if you are looking at a filtered view.

Hola gracias por el contacto.

Al revisar los filtros y aplicarlos tampoco muestra las nominaciones.

La semana pasada al ingresar si las mostraba como siempre.


Having nothing selected is the same as having everything selected.


Are you submitting new nominations to become Wayspots, or are you submitting edits for existing Wayspots?

It is a known issue at this time that Wayspot edits do not show up in Contribution Management. As long as you receive an email from Niantic that the edit was accepted, it should get reviewed, and once that happens, you’ll be emailed back with the results.

If you are ok with sharing one of the emails you received after submitting, we can see if it is an issue with new nominations not showing up, or if it’s the known issue with edits.

Also, do make sure that you have Facebook and/or Google linked to your game accounts, as these are the only login options for Wayfarer. If you don’t have them linked to your game accounts right now, this may be why you may not be seeing any new nominations.

Could you please confirm if you’re able to view your submissions in your contribution management?

hi they still don’t appear, best regards.

Podrías hacer una grabación de tu pantalla ahí mostrando si has aplicado algún filtro o no? De esta forma nos será más sencillo si ocurre algún problema o no. Saludos!

This is weird. I can see the submissions listed in your account. Could you please doublecheck that you are logged in to correct account. Also, please log in to another device and see if pulls the nominations.

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Hi, last night it is already solved, thank you.

Best Regards :grinning: