I can't hold my nomination

I was looking through my in queue nominations, and I found that for some odd reason one of the nominations is missing the hold button. All of my other ones have it. I have queued nominations from later which let me hold them and all of my older ones let me hold them too…
Tbh I don’t have any reason to hold the nomination anymore since I filled out all the info for it already but has this happened to anyone else?

Are you sure it’s a nomination and not an edit? You can’t hold edits.


id assume its taken for niantics internal review, ive had many nominations stuck in similar fashion as well

That’s a possibility I guess, but at the same time this is what nominations held for internal review show up as, like this one I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks…


This same behavior happened with all of the nominations that Niantic previously stole from people’s contributions page. While the option is offered to edit, your edits will not persist after a refresh.

Could you please try now?

I can now see the button to hold the nomination, thank you.

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