Multiple nominations stuck in queue?

It seems like a few of my submissions are stuck in queue (unless normal but usually never takes this long) so I was wondering what gives? Specially since I used an upgrade on one of them.
I’m also gonna include the one I submitted today just in case it gets stuck in the queue loop.

Only the first one is definitely outside of the grace period (1-7 days).

I know it can take awhile for some to go into voting. It always depends on where you are. My nominations take awhile (6+ months) unless picked up by ML. I have received nominations out your way before. Could also be there is a lack of reviewers if some are taking a break after the last challenge.

Aaah, gotcha. Normally they’d go into voting within 48 hours so I was afraid all my submission were bugging. Looks like the upgraded one went into voting last night.
Thanks for your reply!

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