Bus Stop Nomination Rejected :(

No reason was given for its rejection.

I called it by the bus stop #: Bus Stop 2487
Description: Bus Stop 2487 with Shade!

Location: 33°46’47"N 118°01’53"W

A lot of people in the area run along the main street (Valley View) and there is the bus stop, along with a restaurant behind it. I felt like there are a few good reasons to do a stop there. I was planning on doing others nearby and hopefully make a route.

Please let me know if the photo doesn’t work.

Hello again.
The simple answer is that this is not likely to be approved. Bus stops like this are too common place and part of the general infrastructure to count.
Now you mention a restaurant that might stand a chance.
What other places nearby might be considered great for socialisation, exploration or exercise.


I was worried to do the restaurant cause I thought that would be under “advertising”

Cafes and restaurants are great places to sit down and be social with others
It is important that the description is in your own words and isn’t too like an advert.

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Fyi the rejection reasons should be showing on your contributions page at the top left - the email only tells you if it was a decision by “our team” (Niantic - usually the ML (machine learning ai) model) or the "community. If you don’t see anything here, you should try refreshing. I am going to guess that it was “Wayfarer criteria”

Some of the rejection reasons are not very helpful, as you can see.

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