How do I appeal a rejection?

I nominated a busy bus stop near my house. It was rejected and said I could appeal the decision. I am 1) having trouble locating my nominations, and 2) not sure why it truly was rejected.

Location is 33°46’47"N 118°01’52"W

go to your contributions page Niantic Wayfarer and if you have an appeal available there will be a button that says “appeal”. you get two appeals each with a 20 day timer. before you appeal, you may want to post your nomination in Nomination Support to get our opinion on whether it is something that is eligible and to help you decide what to point out in your appeal.

bus stops don’t normally meet the criteria of a GREAT place for exercise, exploration, or being social, but there can be exceptions if you want opinions.

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Welcome @CallMePsycho18

If you would like to post the photos and description we can have a quick look and see if it is likley to be something that meets criteria and therefore stands a chance in appeal.

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Yeah here is the link to the topic I created from the person above’s recommendation.

Just did that, thank you!

I’ve answered over there,

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I also have a question for another if you don’t mind?

Not at all that’s what this forum is all about :grinning:

I also have this Mural for this local coffee shop located:

33°50’02"N 118°02’41"W

In my opinion those look like temporary felt stickers. A mural is usually a painting or art on the wall.

A mural would be commissioned art work worthy of going to see. That really looks like a simple wall decoration to fill a blank wall.

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