Cafes and restaurants

There’s nothing official for why cafes might be more acceptable than restaurants. My personal thoughts are that everyone’s gotta eat (restaurant) but peoole choose to hang out at a cafe. Also, maybe there’s some nostalgia left over from cafes being hangouts for literary or musical folks - people who needed a space to meld ideas together. Sometimes those were even political ideas that led to changes in government. IDK, just spitballing.

@seaprincesshnb interesting speculation and you may be right! I guess with restaurants though, you say everyone has to eat - but most people will eat at home - you choose to go to a restaurant usually because you want to socialise. Maybe sometimes when you can’t be bothered to cook (but then I would argue you are more likely to grab a takeaway), but I’d say most of the time it’s for a “date night” or to meet friends, wider family, etc - which to me sits it firmly in the socialise category. But it seems I’m in the minority based on my submissions!

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Agree with this - descriptions should be factual and informative and useful without personal opinion:

  • What do they serve,
  • Some historical info (if relevant)
  • Is it a good place to put on an incense and catch Pokémon
  • Do they have food for certain dietary requirements/preferences

I wouldn’t mention anything about a specific game. Just, a great location for players to enjoy various Niantic games perhaps.


Lol. Do not mention incense or pokemon.