Can someone help with my pokestop nomination?

I really appreciate any help in regards to my pokestop nomination. I want to improve my nomination and should I object or create a new nomination?

This is the objection reason:
Temporary/Seasonal or Not Distinct

It’s a garden, we work in it through all seasons. With the patch on the right (1/3th of the lot) we teach children about plants, their lifecycle, their importance to insects etc.

We grow annual and perennial plants. The other 2/3th is designed as a flower garden for the bees and as a place for hedgehog.

It’s been the second year we have been keeping the garden and it’s a local government project to keep our neighborhood green: Groen moet je doen - Gemeente Gouda

The title: Community garden Kinder Tuintje Achterwillens

The description:
This is a public community garden ‘Kinder Tuintje’ Achterwillens. It’s a place in our neighborhood where everyone can come together to plant veggies and herbs. It’s a also place for families to explore and learn about nature.

The importance:
The garden is important to us because it does not just grow with the seasons, but with (the help of) our community, it remains sustainable. You will see the people of this community caring for each other and for nature. It’s not only the garden that grows; it’s our community as a whole that grows.

The sign is permanent, it’s made by the children who work with us in the garden.

Is there anything we can do to improve this nomination? Lots of children who help out with the garden also play pokemon go, it would be nice if they can combine two passions.

Thanks in advance for the help!:blush:


Please keep in mind that you are submitting Wayspot nominations, not Pokestops/gyms, that are added to the Lightship map. Each Niantic game is able to pull game locations from Lightship, but there is no guarantee that an accepted Wayspot will be in a certain game, as each have their own density rules.

One reason I can think of right away is the sign looks very temporary, and in the supporting info, there doesn’t seem to be anything planted yet, which is another reason that it could have been rejected as being temporary and non-distinct. Google Street View from Oct 2022 also just shows it as a small grassy area with a tree, which isn’t distinct.

The website you provided isn’t all that helpful, other than promoting making better green spaces in the town. If there was an official map of the different locations, showing that this is an official garden space, that would be helpful to include in the supporting info. The link may still be helpful, though, to provide proof of the project.

If you appeal or resubmit, I would make sure to highlight that it’s a permanent community garden that’s a part of a city project, that the sign was made by the children in the community and is permanent, as well as provide the link. If you do resubmit, you may want to wait until there is more planted, and take a main photo that’s more like your current supporting photo, showing the garden and sign at the same time.

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Thank you for your advice. The kids who made the sign are like 7 and 10 years old and they’re actually very proud of it so I already feel bad for them it might be one of the reasons the request got rejected😅

The sign and pole are stuck in concrete to prevent it from being taken, the only way to change the sign is to repaint it. The only way I’d feel comfortable asking the kids to do that is if it was very faded and unreadable.

The garden is in full bloom now but there is some construction work happening this month behind our garden on the parking lot, so there’s an announcement sign in front of our garden to let people know when. I used an older photo to avoid that announcement sign. It will be gone after the 12th though, the work they’re planning to do will only take a day.

I guess that gives me some time to think this through, I really want to help them with this😊

I found a map online:

For me if you can prove with a few links etc that this is a local initiative and say how it brings people together I wouldn’t care if the sign was only some scribbles on a bit of tissue paper :slight_smile:


Would you say this sign with the name of the local project on it, would be a better photo to use?

This is what it looks like now, on the left you see the area we keep for insects but mainly bees and butterflies. On the right side there’s a little path, my neighbor is getting more woodchips for that. Than there’s the allotment kids planted their seedlings on, which have already grown lots. Behind this in the high grass is a natural hedgehog house. And the pole for the construction work is also visible.

We do plant throughout the year, for example some vegetables need nightly colder temperatures to grow properly. We teach children that all seasons can grow food and which food can be grown in which season. We just planted our yellow french beans today, which were last years favorite after cucumbers haha…