Need Help making nominations

Hi I’ve made two nominations for pokestops in my area both pertaining to past relics in my area, one being an old Cobblestone road that that predates back some hundred years or so, and another corner store that also predates to 1930, which supported residents before commercialized Grocery! both were promptly denied and I feel confused as to what is needed for it to be acceptable. Where I have seen some Pokestops so ridiculous yet accepted like “Broken Iphone”. I’d appreciate any help on the subject Thank you!



Hello. I’m pretty sure we’ve tried to help you understand that a cobblestone street is not eligible back on the old forum.

The photo of the grocery store looks like it’s from a book? I am kinda stunned into silence on that one. Wayspots are supposed to be things you interact with in real life. You can’t submit things from books.

Yes I did see some vaild arguments backing the legitimacy of that pokestop though which has me divided, While it is a road the stop is on the sidewalk & it hold cultural relevance to the area which I feel falls under exploration pretty easily.

Yes It’s the only way to show I can prove the relevance of the pokestop much like a slab by a statue explaining why something has relevance but I can understand why a History book doesn’t hold up well here. Do you have any Recommendations on how to better nominate these two things?

What stop are you talking about being on the sidewalk? I’m looking at it on street view right now and there’s nothing there other than people’s houses.

The Cobblestone nomination is at the bottom end of stone st. the placement was on the sidewalk. Does the placement of the pokestop hold no weight?

I’m sorry but you can’t submit a road. Roads aren’t safe.

I mean, you can submit it. But it won’t be accepted.

Understable, in this case it doesn’t apply unfortunately but just to better my understanding say the road was for foot traffic only, is that still not a valid pokestop if it was under the same pretenses?

This is the intersection of Van Duzen and Stone. I see nothing here of interest.

The building by the left of pole was the old Roulston Grocery only recognizable using my SI history book. Its the remanence of something once commonly visited in staten island past. The Hill near by too is something Trainers can use to safely walk and use as an access point for routes. I feel this is a good submission but I can see how it wouldn’t look to have any relevance without the prior knowledge. Hence why I used to the book to Inform people of the history within the area. Also phoned it in pretty well under the Discription which would teach any trainers in the area a little more about the local area they are catching pokemon in.

Also a bike lane near by promoting exercise & adventure. Perhaps im grabbing at straws here but from the guidelines I’ve read I feel this hits a good couple of key notes for a nomination. Hence my confusion.

Wayspots have nothing to do with Routes.

Remember, the criteria are, a great place to:

  • be social
  • exercise
  • explore

For those first two, the thing you’re nominating needs to be designed for socializing or exercising. Being able to coincidentally socialize or exercise doesn’t mean it meets those parts of the criteria.

This would be explore. But if the only way a person knows this was some old grocery store is to look it up in a book, I don’t see how it fits the explore criteria. I’m also not sure why I would want to explore a no longer functioning grocery store building that I can’t get inside. It doesn’t really teach me anything about the people who lived there before me. They went to grocery stores…just like I do. Most “old” things that qualify under explore actually teach us something about what life was like historically - people used to have to draw their own water (old wells), people used to have grind stuff at mills to get the ingredients to bake bread at home, etc.

Right, Well my argument on route possibilities would be strictly a bonus, I don’t know I hear you on it not being Interesting to you but people who enjoy small tidbits of a town’s local history arguably would go out of their way to check it out. People who enjoy history don’t always go to a place because it is visually pleasing to the eye but more to get a picture in their head of what life used to be like, and in the rise of commercialized markets, this slow-started local grocery store is tangible evidence of staten island past underwhelming or not. Thus IMO making it a pretty acceptable pokestop amongst all the Acceptance Criteria but you would know better than me so I’ll have to just accept my loss here and take notes off your recommendations. Thank you for your time and clarity on the subject. I’ll try to find a more fitting nomination for my next submission.

You do have the bike lane sign, in my part of the world these are often accepted. The old store has an interesting history but if it’s private property it would most likely be rejected. I have actually seen streets accepted, but it is obviously a long shot. I would also avoid any mention of PoGo, for some reason this is frowned upon by many reviewers. Just say that it would make a good Wayspot. :sunglasses:

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Nice! Thank you didn’t even consider that but feel you’re absolutely on to something with that. I have also seen road accepted nominations but I suppose like you said it is definitely a long shot haha considering safety. I also didn’t consider the wayspot factor at all I forget its used across multiple platforms not just PoGO! Great recommendations and insight I really appreciate it!

You could perhaps combine the bike lane sign with the history of the store. Stating that it’s a historic location next to a bike path. :thinking:

Yeah, kinda scared to even touch the store at this point plus with what seaprincess said Idk if that would fit together. Might try the bike sign though! Any other recommendations on descriptions or Tags? I do believe its the starting point of the trail and right behind it is the cobblestone road I’ve tried to submit!

Do some research, the more serious facts you can find the better. Does it have an official name? Where does it come from where does it go? :sweat_smile:


I’m wandering the area on Google maps and spotted Ten Penny Players Inc. which is listed as an arts organization. It might be worth looking into to see if that’s something that might qualify.