Can someone tell me why this was rejected?

Maybe it’s because I don’t have statue / memorial in the title?
It was rejected by ‘team’ not community – and no specific reason was given.

If the “team” rejected this one, I’m guessing ML thought it was a real dog. People do that - they submit photos of their own pets for the lols.

I think you have to appeal this one and explain that it is permanent and not a real dog. Because the other thing you will battle is that this might be movable and thus not permanent.

Also, your second photo is not relevant since it doesn’t show the actual dog statue. The point of the second photo is to help the reviewer locate the thing being nominated to prove that it is where you claim and to let us see that there is safe access to it.


Thanks. I’ll try resubmitting it with the title " ‘Larry the German Shepherd’ Working Dog Memorial Statue" and be sure to take a photo of the inside of the building with him included in the photo (the building in the photo is the outside of where he’s located)


I think name it “Fiberglass Dog Statue”. ML would know what to do with that.

Description “Larry the German Shepard Guide Service Dog is a statue dedicated to all working dogs.” (I don’t know what GSD means, and guessed.)

‘German Shepherd Dog’

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