Can the approved PokeStop location change

Hi everyone :smile_cat:,

My wayspot was approved but not show in the game. I think because there PokeStop literally on the border of lvl 17 S2 cell. But if it moves to the lower cell there still be eligible. The PokeStop just move, but will still be by POI.

Can someone help me please?

Reviewers have an option to suggest a better place for the pin so this may be what has happened here. It is not known exactly how this process works or how many people need to suggest a location for it to change.

Was the pin you placed obviously on the station itself? sometimes satellite or streetview can be quite off from the true location so it’s hard to know which is accurate.

Looking on Ingress intel, it is in the same cell as several other POI and actually appears to be a duplicate of another nearby, yours looks to be pinned on a completely different building.

Yes it was places directly on the train station

On street view I realized it. So if I look at the cell below it will work.
The other POI close to it. Is the bright

This does seem to be an issue between satellite view and street view. I have come across this a few times. Where it looks like you’ve placed the marker seems to change when you go to streetview and from my experience, more often then not it actually puts in in the wrong location.

I was going to suggest posting the satellite and street view images but after checking with a few pins in different locations it seems to remain in the same position with a Google maps pin but not with the wayfarer pin. Why this happens I have no idea.

Maybe one of the Niantic team could look at it for you.