Can wr change the cooldown to not include edits?

So ive started reviewing again (way to many submissions and they are taking ages to get through) to try and get upgrades, but it seems 50% are edits, like minor text edits ir location edits, so i can breeze through them in seconds. Problem is, its leading to constant “im not a robot” checks which i knw leads to cooldowns (and maybe ratings drop? I went from great to good after the 2 robot checks) so have to stop.

Also, cant remember, do edits count towards agreements? Cause of they dont rhen man, reviewing for upgrades is gonna be haaard

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I’m also getting a large % of edits - I guess probably the same review area

I’m just reviewing maybe 5 to 10 at a time and stopping. If I get the robot question I take it as a cue to stop :grimacing:

I also get plenty of edits, but I don’t get cooldowns. I do enlarge pictures, mess with the map, etc, for a lot of edits. Not all. Just when it would help clarify, or when the thing is interesting and I want to know more.

I haven’t had a full cooldown for years, just the “are you a robot” question. It likes to ask me that after a streak of lots of edits, presumably because I’m going too fast. It doesn’t take me time to review a title or description edit, I don’t want to spend more time on it just because some algorithm thinks I should read more slowly :sweat_smile:

Whenever it asks if I’m a robot I can never be 100% sure and I fall into a deep, nihilistic, existential crisis so I have to stop reviewing :frowning:


Need an “I don’t think so” option

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