Why Am I being put on cooldown for reviews

I’ve got put on cooldown twice when doing reviews? I have just started today and i’m quite enthusiastic but my quality marker has moved down to ‘fair’ as well - what do I do to fix/stop this? I have been looking at the POIs on map and streetview and striking ones with bad photos/that are inappropriate but if I reject one that I think should be rejected that most people approve, am I punished? Should I just be trying to do what everyone else is? Feeling frustrated

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I’m fairly new myself, but the others will correct me if I’m wrong. The agreements will take a while to catch up with your reviews. I have had to take a couple days off reviews and my percentage rose quite a lot in that time. If it put you on cool-down, use the time to read some of the discussions on the forum and you’ll likely learn more about the finer points of reviewing, which will also help your agreement rate. Enjoy!


A lot of new reviewers especially find they need to go slower, take longer to thoroughly evaluate each nomination, and avoid voting in patterns. Be sure to use “I don’t know” when you can’t be sure about something - that is a valid response.

Your rating dropping does not necessarily mean that you are not reviewing correctly. But you only earn progress towards in game medals when you are in great or good, so really slow down until it goes back up.


This is so helpful thank you!

First ensure you are taking roughly 30 seconds to do a review …even if it looks straightforward. Doing them quicker than that will trigger cooldown. As you are new and at fair the cooldowns will be longer.
As @cyndiepooh said don’t forget about the I don’t know option its meant to be a sort of middle ground. It doesn’t have to be an all out yes or no.
Try not to rush things there can be quite a lot of nuance. You don’t have many skips but you can use them if its one you are finding difficult to decide on.
No one has a perfect record of agreements as there will be nominations where judgements vary and that is ok.