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When the location of a waypoint need reviewing my opinion, content of other way points/s cells in the area should be given.

So in the example of a larger kids play area, there could be multiple areas that are acceptable. Someone may want to move a stop to allow other stops to appear in pogo. That for me is ok along ast the waypoint remains accurate.

A better question would be are these locations accurate. Then niantics choose the best spot to maximise in game (pogo) waypoints.


Raising this idea in the hope it gets noticed.

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Wayfarer doesn’t care if wayspots do or don’t show up in specific games. What matters is accuracy. The most accurate location for a wayspot that has an area that’s spread out, such as this playground, is meant to be the natural point of ingress/discovery to that location, which in this case would be the top of the two options, as that’s where the entrance to the play area is.


Technically speaking, moving a pin from a correct location to another location is considered Wayfarer abuse and shouldn’t be done. Regardless of it’s in a new cell or not, Niantic doesn’t care about the pin placement past it being in a safe location and correctly touching the POI.

If you come across an edit like this in your reviews, you have three options.

  1. Choose which of the two you think is most appropriate.
  2. Choose "Unable to find an appropriate location.
  3. Report the move as abuse.

It’s hard for me to judge this one, since the name of the Wayspot hasn’t been provided.

Also, I dislike when players try to nominate every single thing at a playground; no, I don’t find that every single spring rider within a few feet of each other should each have a Wayspot. Just from satellite view, I’d only want one Wayspot at this playground, not a cluster for each piece of equipment.


If you found some GSV in accurate, you can pin wayspot and real wayspot. Or if you cannot find wayspot in GSV, you can use unable to find and leave for add optional.

@Glawhantojar be careful, if you wrong Report, you suspended for account for reason.

It’s actually a very weird edit. The current location of the pin is the top (correct) option. The other option not only doesn’t improve the accuracy, but it isn’t even an attempt at moving it to a different cell (both locations are well within the same cell) or moving it away from a nearby Portal. It’s all alone where it is. So the edit is entirely pointless from what I can tell.


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What if a pin is moved from a correct location to another correct location?

Could you say there is similarities between my idea and what currently occurs for photos?

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Since Niantic considers this to be abuse, they’re more likely to use your proposal to send warnings to the edit submitter and reviewers than anything else.

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If the pin is already in a location that would be considered correct, an attempt to move it could be considered abuse.

It is recommended that you not move pins that are already considered correct.


Nah. Its not abuse is the location remains accurate/correct

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You don’t need to convince me.

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i believe it was @NianticAaron who had made a comment on the old forum that moving an already correct wayspot for game advantage, even if to an equally correct spot, was considered abuse, but i can’t bring it up now. maybe he will confirm this again here.


The difficulty with this answer lies in the notion of ‘equally correct’.

There are some POIs that are literally points. If the pin is not directly on the point, it can be seen as incorrect.

Many spots are larger than a single point, but can seem to have a normal approach or a natural path to discovery, but this can be subject to disagreement.

A church may have multiple entrances and multiple signs. Local knowledge might suggest that the portico is only used for major events, and everybody uses a side entrance, but someone might have their own idea. What’s best? Are they all equal, or not?

Is Niantic going to audit the edits and if they enable a portal or pokestop due to inclusion rules they’ll call abuse every time? Or only if they see the move as inferior?

If there isn’t a single common frame of reference and Niantic permits Wayfarers to propose location edits, it hardly seems fair for them to issue punishment over them.

This would simply dictate that nobody should ever offer a location edit unless they’ve already researched and confirmed that it does not lead to the improvement of any game’s board, which seems imbecilic.


i assume that it is up to niantic to audit some edits like they audit some nominations. i don’t want to have submitted one they pull that checks any abuse boxes.


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I doubt any of your example’s would be considered abuse because there is a logically something different being suggested as the proper location, so it would be impossible to tell that the edit was done only for game board purposes.

I’d envision an abuse of equally valid, when your still doing something that no one could make a case that one spot was better.
Hypothetical Example.

  1. Some placed a pin on left double door of a church entrance, and you move it 3 feet to the right on right double door of same entrance

  2. Take a park playstructure with a sign. There are legitly 3 spots for pin. Centered on structure vs Sign vs Natural Entrance to Structure. If you were to move from 1 to another, during a review, I’d notice the difference and be able to pick which I thought was best. Not abuse. BUT if you moved it from Center of Structure to Center of Structure, 3 feet east, and I’m reviewing and thinking what the heck is the difference in these spots, the answer is likely game board manipulation and abuse.

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I concur. :confused:

My opinion has always been the unpopular one (with wayfarers, not so much with other players). I always prefer to place and edit things to suit cells, though my edits of things that were “correct” to places that are also “correct” tend to be if, for example, a play park or a football waypoint is bang in the middle, ill try to move it to the edge instead, so that its in a safer place. Both of those positions are technically correct but i prefer edges as they are safer. Or, another example, the waypoint for a building is in the middle of that building, ill move it to the door as its the most likely place to be discoveted