Copying from edits

I’m trying to copy the proposed title and description changes from a proposed edit from the challenge so I can translate it. But it’s not letting me highlight it. What??? What do I do?

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Mobile? PC? iPad? Macbook?

Microsoft edge on windows 11
Whenever I try to drag to highlight it thinks I’m trying to press the button

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I might need a screencap to understand.

In Edge, you should be able to right click somewhere on the page and select Translate to x (English) in my case.

I haven’t actually got a title or description nomination edit yet so I can’t record it yet. But I forgot that feature existed. Thanks a lot

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I just got a title edit, and when I just right-click on one of the titles, Chrome on Windows 11 translated them.



Beware of translation tools changing the spelling on edits which may be why the edit was submitted. (Does that make sense?)

Well, that’s why you can look at the place on Google Maps, and also do a web search to choose the best option! Got to do your research!

I just picked one then selected it in the box it shows up in and copy and paste that way. Since I am not using chrome.

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