Null title edits?

Has others seen many null edits for wayspot title or description?
(two or more identical options)

Couldn’t Emily go through these types of dummy edits?

What is right option here as reviewer?

There is likely a difference between the two titles which isn’t being rendered. e.g. A double space between the words vs a single space (will not be rendered through HTML on the Review page), or a space after the full stop.

If I personally were to receive this, I would check the HTML source code to try to identify the difference between the two so I can select the right one.

I wouldn’t know how to do that. If they are exactly alike I will do “eenie meenie miney mo” :rofl:


Was this translated? I just had a description edit for a hotel in Mexico, and in Spanish, there was a difference in characters, but in English, there wasn’t. It was histórica, but the o didn’t have the mark above it.

The correct one would be the one with the mark. Without it is a grammatical error

@ Tntnnbltn
Will look into HTML-code next time something like this shows up.

@ DTrain2002
This is not translated. I’m looking these in original language.

@ MegaTrainerRed
May I ask what mark? If you mean dot, both options have it.

I was answering @DTrain2002, I don’t know about your example sorry

Which is the one I chose after turning translation off and looking up the correct grammar. Even translating “historical” from English to Spanish on Google Translate had the correct grammar.

What happened for me on this one was it was translated to English right away, so both title options read “Historical Hotel X” (I forget the actual name, but it wasn’t the issue). When I turned my translator off, I saw that one title now read “Hotel histórica X,” which is correct, and the other had historica.

When reviewing, Niantic only checks the spelling and any additional characters added or removed. When nominating a new Wayspot, correct grammar isn’t required, and, if the title/description are correct, I will choose IDK and check title and/or description.

It happens quite a bit with US nominations, and it does annoy me, but I don’t thumbs down a title that doesn’t have proper grammar, like missing capitalization or an apostrophe being needed. That’s why I think a some of the title/description edits are just to correct grammar, and, of course, different languages use different grammar.

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Maybe someone submitted an edit in 2022, then got tired of waiting, so got the help bot to fix it (or pleaded on the forums). So when their original request finally got processed - they were the same, and the system wigged out about it.

Same as when you get a location edit and there’s only one selection.

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