Context for Edits, Please!

I’m not sure if this is more of a Ingress / Pokémon GO side of things, but I really wish we were able to add context or additional information while submitting title, description, and location edits. It would be so helpful to me and other reviewers if I was able to write, “Fixing grammar issues” or “Moved location to where the front of the building / sign is.”

I know what you’re thinking though, people could/would abuse this system. They already do that though with incorrect location markers trying to manipulate the system and in this new hypothetical context box if they straight up say they’re trying to add another stop by manipulating a boundary, then you could just report it.


Well, while we’re dreamin… maybe there could be a dropdown with reasons. No freeform box. Then it wouldn’t be abusive. Well, people always find a way to abuse. It would just be harder, lol.

Moving to actual object
Moving off field of play
Moving to point of discovery

Fixing grammar
Adding interesting facts
Standardizing title
Removing inaccurate text


I think you’ve solved it.

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