Criteria Clarification Collection - Discussion

I assume these ones are all okay as it names a proper route that can be followed.

Unique titles too.

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Went all in on that one :smile:

I’m with you. If the nominator tells me about why the neighborhood is great for exploration in the description I usually approve them.

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I don’t think I’m following what you’re saying here, but I would really like to! Can you please explain a bit more about how you came to this conclusion?

If I’m not adding the grave of someone to the map out of respect for family, the area that’s an issue that is much wider and more human than just arguing over criteria or Men’s Warehouse.

It seems odd to me to hold that sentiment for one thing in a cemetery but not apply it just to get another Wayspot 20 feet away at the grave of Lord Farqhuar-Smedley-Smodley-Smidley III upstanding British hero, opium trader


Oh, do you mean the clarification about the grave of Harvey Pekar? That’s just a detail that was added because it’s a grave of a notable person who died in the recent past. I don’t think you’d have to worry about offending the family of a member of the British aristocracy who died in the 19th century in quite the same way.

In the document, it’s mostly used as an example for how supporting information can be used to support a nomination in a sensitive location. It’s not intended to be a checklist for eligibility.

No, the opposite.

I’m not worried about offending the family of old Empire opium traders most of them are still up to no good anyway :slight_smile:

The grave of x famous person is rarely on its own in a graveyard it’s usually surrounded by other less famous people. The difference for me is not in the addition of the individual grave but in the addition of a Wayspot in that specific area, a cemetery, where there will be other mourners.

I’m either going to respect that or not. I don’t see it as a grey area like trail markers etc but more like schools and emergency services. Having criteria that says maybe it’s ok or maybe not, use your judgement doesn’t really work.

I’d prefer them to be more direct and say yes or no and as it’s dealing with an issue bigger than maps, portals and Pokémon it seems like an easy choice to me at least.


I see now. Thanks for clarifying! I think it depends on locality. In my area, we have a cemetery that’s full of historic graves (and the graves of less famous people as well), but they are also not using that part of the cemetery for active burials anymore. I guess it’s things like that that make me say “use your judgement,” but I can appreciate your perspective.

I’m not against adding things in cemeteries. I find the non ‘famous’ graves just as interesting and like you say some of them are areas for walking through, visiting*

*If you are ever here and hear the tour guides saying The Covenanter prison is where Dementors are from please push them down a big hill.



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Either in a separate section or in the Generic/Non-Generic business section could we get a clarification posted about businesses that promote exercise? (One guess what kind of nomination of mine was just rejected as a Generic Business.)

There was a post on the old forum which I can’t link now which read:

“For the last line “Should a Dance Studio or Gym be judged like a Restaurant? Or should it be judged like a Baseball field or trail marker? Which is the more apt way to look at business that people exercise on site?” - Gyms/Dance studios/etc. business promoting exercises need to be reviewed as a place of exercise which is an eligible spot.”

That statement was made in 2021, and people still reject fitness businesses.


Yes I would like clarification. I have rejected fitness businesses, well only the chain locations. But I have come across a lot of them. Who knows if I am doing that correctly or not. Dance studios etc I look to see if they are adult only locations or only geared towards kids. Although, I have come across many youth centre locations while reviewing nominations.

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Now that you mention it, yes, that’s another one to add to my fairly short list of things I was surprised not to see mentioned.

The others I was surprised or disappointed not to see covered (because people find them confusing for various reasons) were these:

Overall, though, love your work @NianticTintino and I’m grateful to all the ambassadors who helped inform and attain clearer wording for the existing clarifications (I’m quite sure I can see some ambassador influences in some of the wording) :ok_hand:t2:
I was pleasantly surprised to find this sorely needed section when I dropped by the forum looking for something else today :star_struck::ok_hand:t2:


Ok, just noticed that there’s no Neighborhood/Subdivision/Apartment Complex Signs section…May want to add that in the future…


There are a lot of criteria missing in the document but they were not expected to be in that one. I expect we will be able to work in more criteria clarifications in the future!


PLEASE address HOW to reject the things which should be rejected as well. We do not have an option to select “Does not meet criteria” as a rejection reason.

Unless it is clearly a “Generic business” a lot of these are difficult to find an appropriate rejection reason for.


Defitely agree that this is needed, even better would be proper reasons that can fed back to the submitter as have been requested for ages.

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The questions around issues of voting and feedback reasons that are useful has been raised.
It was not part of the remit of this document which was focussed on criteria.


Thank you for this response. It does no good to say we shouldn’t accept something if we can’t reject it. I do believe that the correct rejection reason belongs with the description of the criteria.


All of these throughout this thread are being logged for now.

You did include one example which no longer applies.
The swimming pool section shows that community type pools can be eligible as social spaces.
The general criteria states clearly that a gated/restricted community can have eligible objects/places within it.
So pools can be eligible in gated communities.

As with all nominations a case should be presented.

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