Criteria for Cafes and Restaurants

I know the above two nominations are reasonable and they exist in many areas around the world, but I feel they are unreasonable in my area and I want to consider your advice to see if it is reasonable and reasonable. correct criteria.

I read about the merit criteria on Wayfayer, the two nominations above must be of the type of merit nomination, or popular in the region, which means they must be famous. Or something like that when the creator of the nomination must write very clearly in those nominations in the Description section or Additional information section about why that cafe or restaurant is worthy of being known to everyone.

For me, my arguments above were reasonable until I saw the community where I live started to panic and create these nominations very innocently. Because:
+ Cafes and restaurants in Vietnam are very normal.
+ Every few meters you will see a restaurant or a normal cafe
+ Nominations are made for only addresses and thanks in the description and additional information
+ The community and I have tried to browse but still haven’t seen enough of these places to consider them reasonable because places like this are too normal and popular. In every city there are restaurants and cafes like this. So why is it different from other locations?

The creator did not provide enough evidence so we were forced to refuse, but somehow these unconvincing nominations passed the appeal. I’m really wondering if the Niantic staff really looked closely at the reason for the rejection of that nomination and just read the most commonly used appeal as “this is a crowded place and accessible to many people, a place to have fun.” , rest, etc."
So the nomination is not enough to convince reviewers and Niantic makes unreasonable appeal decisions.
There are recommendations for cafes or restaurants that when I look at the description section are very long because the creator clearly writes why it is so special and helps players explore that place.
But the nomination creation areas I find most boring are Binh Phuoc and Dak Lak because they create nominations for cafes or restaurants that are very popular, very ordinary and have nothing special enough to prove they are worthy.

I want to see what people have to say about this issue! Thank you.

I think in any location you will find popular cafes and restaurants and less popular. Also ones where you may go for a special occasion or take a friend to who is visiting from out of town.

I would say if something is popular and has some specific reason youd chose it over something else then you can nominate it and try to sell why you think its special.

In places where there is a lot of choice, its certainly harder to stand out, but some places always will and those can be eligible to my mind.

In a less populated area there may be less choice, and there maybe would only be 1 restaurant or cafe so by default, it would be the place where people go to socialise, and thats okay too even if it wouldn’t stand out in a big town.

So it definitely depends on the area and on what makes something special and becomes the place you choose to take someone.

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Ya! I understand, some areas, unlike big cities, have places where people go, but I feel like in the two areas I investigated above, they made invalid nominations and were rejected a lot. times, but they appealed for admission and I found it unworthy. I checked those nominations and found them not worthy enough, the creator tries to put 20 pokestops or more pokestops in 1 big Cell to have a gym, this is too ambitious with poor quality nominations.

For the failed nominations they created, they never made a more convincing nomination but always appealed because it was easier to pass. Is the appeal now dependent on players in Vietnam?

For ordinary restaurants (the kind I can find 10 very similar in a 5 mile radius)… when the nominator doesn’t tell me WHY I’d drive past 3 others to get to THIS one… I assume they just wanted a Pokestop in this cell, so they nominated whatever happened to be there.

This place may have a lot of people, but maybe it’s because of a large apartment complex right there, and people want convenience. Maybe nobody would drive a distance for it, or take an out of town guest there to experience it.

If this restaurant is a unique destination to itself, worth taking a longer trip to get there - they need to say why.

Need a better reason than “it exists”, and “people give them money for food”.

In America we have many Italian (pizza), Mexican, Chinese, and burger places. Many are “locally owned” but not distinct from each other. It’s fun to find an outstanding one, but most are not.

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In Vietnam, coffee and restaurants are classified as individual/household businesses

How a country classifies cafes and restaurants doesn’t effect how Niantic classifies them. Cafes and restaurants can meet criteria, especially if they are independently owned, known for their food, have been open for quite a long time, etc.

For anyone wondering, there is clarification for restaurants in this thread:

Yes, I agree with this point of view, in fact this country is too small, places like the above are only private and open, their existence is also low, they are famous for a while and then close but do not last. That’s why cafes or restaurants in Vietnam are not accepted