Generic/Non-Generic Businesses

There are many stores, restaurants, and businesses that may seem generic or not notable at first glance, but can be eligible with the proper supporting information.

Generic Businesses
A store that may be considered generic may not hold much cultural importance in larger cities, but these places can function as social hubs in more rural areas. Supporting evidence should be provided that makes a good case for why a seemingly generic business is a great place for the local community to explore or be social so the reviewer can get a better understanding of the importance and vote accordingly.

Restaurants can be great places to be social and great places to explore, and should not be rejected in all cases. Local restaurants and cafes in all areas often have interesting backstories, exceptional menus, or are highly rated places that someone might recommend to an out-of-town visitor.

In more rural areas, a chain restaurant may be an extremely popular local hot spot. Supporting information should make this clear in all instances, and it is helpful to provide links to newspaper articles or reviews, if available.