Deletion of the nomination

Hello, please, what can you do with the nomination in the vote, where I put the wrong point on the map? It’s my best nomination ever. I need to delete it, please help me.

If you nomination is “in voting” then there is nothing you can do afaik. If it is “in queue” then you can withdraw it.

If it is accepted somewhere that is not the actual location, you can submit an in game edit. If by “wrong point” you mean you did not pin in an empty L17 cell, then please know that pinning incorrectly to make the poi show up in pogo is abuse.


The nomination is wrong, I changed the photos and the location, only the description is correct. I nominated two parks, the second one is deleted now.

I don’t understand. You can’t change the photos and the location on a nomination once you have submitted it.

Are you talking about an accepted Wayspot that needs to be removed? You can report those in game if you are at least level 38. Tap at the top of the Pokestop screen on the title, then tap on the three dots in the top right corner to get to the menu with the option to “Report Invalid Pokestop”.

I nominated two parks and I switched them. I deleted the other park in front . I don’t want to nominate anymore. Thanks for your time.

I think I understand. Hopefully reviewers will realize your mistake and correct the pin in voting. If it is accepted at the wrong place, you can ask help chat to correct it: go to Niantic Wayfarer and a chat bubble will pop up.

If it is rejected because it is not the park at the pin, then you will have to resubmit. I will stop replying now so someone else can help if I still don’t have the situation right.