Different stats for how many agreements I have

I’ve noticed a difference in how different Niantic services track the number of agreements I’ve earned.

I am reviewing POIs in part to work on my Wayfarer medal in Pokemon GO. However, my progress on my Wayfarer medal in Pokemon GO (which correlates to how many agreements I’ve earned) differs from the number of agreements the Wayfarer website seems to think I have. According to my Wayfarer profile, I have 803 agreements total (503 approvals, 248 Rejections, 53 duplicates). However, my Wayfarer medal in Pokemon GO says I have 954 agreements. Additionally, I’ve redeemed 9 upgrades, and am 62% of the way to my tenth (presumably that’s 62 agreements out of 100), so that implies I actually have 962.

Just to recap in a clearer format:

  • Pokemon GO says I have 954 agreements.
  • My Wayfarer Profile Page’s “Agreements” stats add up to 803 agreements
  • The number of upgrades I’ve redeemed and the progress towards my next one imply I’ve got 962 agreements

Does anyone know why this is? Anyone else’s agreement counts similar?

I suspect it has something to do with Edit reviews being counted individually, collectively, or not at all at various times and by different processes.

Unfortunately, the margin is too small for me to include the entire formula that would explain this phenomenon.

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Mine dont agree with each other either and I do suspect edits had a lot to do with it, as I did about 650 reviews for the edit challenge, and have done over 1000 reviews since that challenge started ie quite recently

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My numbers are all different too.

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The game badge/medal includes the “missing” agreements you will have from edits or whatever else which aren’t listed on the wayfarer page. (though if you do the math based on your upgrades you will see that the agreement number required to earn that many is higher than the sum of the 3 numbers displayed)

As for why each game shows a different number well… that’s a mystery (mostly). there was an event some time ago where agreements counted for double points towards the ingress badge so some folks will have a higher number there. but if it’s the other one that’s higher… who knows tbh.

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“Unfortunately, the margin is too small for me to include the entire formula that would explain this phenomenon.”

If you’re able to link to this formula externally, I’m very interested in what that looks like. Also, good point on the Edit reviews - I had not considered that

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The Edit reviews def might be it. Also, holy cow - your numbers are wild! Granted, I’ve done a lot less reviewing (look a break for about a year) and I’ve only been seriously playing PoGo since 2021 (and only Wayfaring since 2022).

Do we know exactly how upgrades are awarded?

every time you get 100 agreements you get an upgrade.
but if you watch the numbers carefully you will see that your progress towards the next upgrade always increases faster than the sum of the 3 displayed agreement counts.

Yeah, definitely noticed that. The upgrade seems to go up much faster than the agreements listed.

I wonder how many of my upgrades.were challenge rewards… 5 recently plus maybe 1 other challenge?