Wayfarer app

Are Niantic going to give the community a map to actually see the Wayspots they have added?

Why are Ambassadors telling forum members they shouldn’t use the app?

I’ve been using it for ages as have others.

Is it possible for everyone to install it?

Can you either remove my access or can Ambassadors stop telling people they shouldn’t use it.


Which app? Campfire? Is there another app?

A daily mirrow (read only) would work for me too

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There is an app that shows everything on the map.

Pretty much what I’ve been using it for since it was released. I’m not sure if it’s possible to still install it though.

No. It isn’t. You have to register as a developer

Can you not do that?

Maybe :woman_shrugging:t2:


Wayfarer App Update — Wayfarer*

A post from @NianticTintino that we should not use the app. Sadly it has never moved from this beta stage to be used by all Wayfarers. The ambos are correct in saying this is not meant to be used by the rest of us.

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How can I use it then?

Try to drive blind - it’s fun :partying_face:

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He asked us not to use it. There is no blocking mechanism. If you are a developer or ambassador, you could sign up that way and use it. And it is just your word that you are eligible to use it.

Asked or told.

If I’m being politely asked I’ll politely decline.


i tagged him when i quoted him. hope you get an answer. i am not using it.

I’d be happy to walk you through a tutorial to develop a “Hello World” program in your language of choice (or JavaScript with a touch of HTML if you’ve got no preference) if it’d make you comfortable with registering as a developer :slight_smile:


I think, that if everyone can look at the whole map and grids and whatever, the number of submittings will decrease. (oh no it’s in the same cell as …).
And perhaps niantic decided, that it will be better for them, if all submitters stay in hope that they get theire own pokestop/gym/portal/flower …

You can’t see S2 cells on it :slight_smile:

Nvl knows how funny the idea of walking me through being a developer is. I get terrified if I accidentally open the thingy on a web page that shows me code (or I think that is what I am seeing.) I x it as fast as possible - 5 second rule, right? I can’t mess anything up in that short amount of time - I hope…


Before installing:

This app is in development. Be one of the first to try it and provide feedback.

After installing:

You’ve got early access to this app. Provide your feedback so the developer can improve this app.

Though apparently you currently need to either “Login with Lightship” or “Login in with 8th Wall”.

Ok. Than I’ll check in