Does appealing even worth it?

At this point, I’m convinced that the appeal team is a joke, they probably don’t even read the submissions guideline and just decided everything at the whim

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I guess there’s very blurry moped guy in the background but in some locations its very hard to avoid background people and the guidance said thats okay to a point, depending on the location.

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at this point appeal reviews are worse than community review. almost everything is a “normal” this or a “generic” that regardless of what kind of thing it is. but actually generic business like locations of the world’s largest chains get approved by Niantic daily.

I do feel that the appeals team dont read the submissions and appeal text fully.

I guess my 2nd attempt at appealing a local pleasure boat hire company can come here too, because again, I don’t think the appeals team read any of it.

I do feel like appeals are now so hit and miss that I have lost confidence in the process. I felt like they used to be super valuable and would put right mistakes in reviews, but now I feel like they sometimes do and sometimes dont.


Really? Do you know how large i had to blow this up to see it?
This is a bad rejection from the appeal team.

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Yeah I didn’t say I’d have rejected it for that. Just that there is in fact a person and that was the reason given


I am with you. I think it’s a bogus reason personally.

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Good catch! I didn’t even see the moped guy at first, not until @BlameJamal zoomed in! Maybe it’s time for me to get my eyes checked again…

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